Solid Waste Facilities Permitting

The Solid Waste Unit is responsible for ensuring that all appropriate solid waste facilities hold valid permits for the department to install, establish, construct, modify, operate or close said facilities within the State of West Virginia.  For addition information regarding the Solid Waste Program please click here.  If you have any questions, please contact Sudhir Patel at (304)926-0499 ext.1295 or

Permitting Process

Application Forms and Documents

Memo Regarding the Solid Waste Management Rule (33CSR1)
Emergency Rule for the Handling and Disposal
of Drill Cuttings and Mud

Permitting Process for Solid Waste Facilities

Pre-Siting Notice (§22-15-13)
Certificate of Need from PSC
Certificate of Site Approval (§22C-4-25(a))
Public Referendum

Background Investigation
Disclosure Statement
Fingerprint Cards
Confidential Report to Director

Part I - Site Evaluation Application

Part II - Design Application
DWWM - Landfill Design
DWWM - Module A - NPDES
Financial Assurance Requirements (33CSR1 Section 3.13)

Public Comment Period
Draft Permit
Public Notice - Thirty (30) Days
Public Hearing (optional)
Additional Ten (10) Day Comment Period after hearing

Permit Issuance or Denial
Decision of DWWM Director
Decision by the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection
Appeal(s) to the Environmental Quality Board (EQB)

Permit Modifications
Major Modification
Minor Modification
Re-Opener Clause
Special Waste Policy

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Application Forms and Documents 


Application for Non-Disposal Permit Background Investigation Disclosure Statement
Registration for Non-Residential Composting Activity WV Recycling Activity Registration Form
Registration for Commercial Yard Waste Composting Facility Operator Assignment or Reassignment
Application for Waste Tire Processing Permit Pre-Siting Requirements
Application for a Waste Tire Monofill or Waste Tire Cell Service of Permit
Instructions - Solid Waste Permit, Part II Tire Waiver
Solid Waste Facility Permit Renewal Application Waste Characterization Form
Application to Transfer Permit Instructions - Waste Characterization Form
Assessment Fee Exemption Application Waste Characterization Review Procedures
Registration Form - Class D Assignment of Certificates of Deposit
Letter to Registrants - Class D List of WV Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Class D General Permit List of WV Waste Tire Facilities
Allowable/Prohibited Materials - Class D List of WV Transfer Stations
Application for Class F Industrial Solid Waste Facility Groundwater Protection Plan
Instructions - Class F Industrial Solid Waste Facility Class II Statement For Billing (SFB)

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