Basin Coordinators

WIB's Basin Coordinators
(BCs) help local watershed restoration and protection efforts become reality.  These experts are responsible for organizing local efforts to implement water quality improvement projects. To help get improvements on the ground, BCs have roles in: 

  • Fostering and supporting volunteer watershed associations and other organizations;
  • Educating citizens on nonpoint pollution issues;
  • Identifying local stakeholders and partners;
  • Assisting with the development of watershed based plans; and 
  • Facilitating project teams in order to implement water quality improvement projects.

The BCs are located in Charleston, Fayetteville, Romney and Fairmont. CLICK-HERE to learn more.  To learn about volunteer opportunties and more, check-out our calendar of events.

Contact  Phone  Service area 
Alana Hartman  (304) 822-7266 x 3623  Potomac/CB Program  
Jennifer Liddle (304) 574-4471 x 1021042189 Southern 
Martin Christ  (304) 368-2000 x 1022442040 Northern
Tomi Bergstrom  (304) 926-0499 x 1098  Western/Project WET
CLICK-HERE to contact our director, statewide coordinators, administative support and other staff.
BC Map Martin Christ, Northern Basin Coordinator Alana Hartman, Potomac Basin Coordinator; Sebastian Donner, Stormwater Specialist Tomi Bergstrom, Western Basin Coordinator Nicki Taylor, Southern Basin Coordinator RADE Image blank