§22-11-13. Voluntary water quality monitors; appointment; duties; compensation.

The director is hereby authorized to appoint voluntary water quality monitors to serve at the will and pleasure of the director. All such monitors appointed pursuant hereto shall be eighteen years of age or over and shall be bona fide residents of this state.  Such monitors are authorized to take water samples of the waters of this state at such times and at such places as the director shall direct and to forward such water samples to the director for analysis.

The director is authorized to provide such monitors with such sampling materials and equipment as he or she deems necessary: Provided, that such equipment and materials shall at all times remain the property of the state and shall be immediately returned to the director upon his or her direction.  Such monitors shall not be construed to be employees of this state.

The director shall conduct schools to instruct said monitors in the methods and techniques of water sample taking and issue to said monitors an identification card or certificate showing their appointment and training.  Upon a showing that any water sample as herein provided was taken and analyzed in conformity with standard and recognized procedures, such sample and analysis is admissible in any court of this state for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this article.

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