Certification exams

Available below are fillable (PDF) and Microsoft Word versions of the certification exams.  We recommened downloading and completing your test electronically then emailing it to the Coordinator. You can also choose print the test and mail the completed version to the address below.

1.  Level-One Certification (0.6 MB)     1.  Level-One Certification (7 MB)  
2.  Advanced Certification (0.7 MB)   2.  Advanced Certification (24 MB)   
3.  Re-Certification (0.2 MB)    3.  Re-Certification (0.2 MB)   
WVDEP, Save Our Streams Program

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Attn: Glenn Nelson

Office: (304) 574-4465

Mobile: (304) 545-1891

Questions? E-mail: Glenn Nelson