Upper Kanawha Watershed TMDL Streams for 2012 and 2014 Projects

Two TMDL development projects were planned in the watershed. One project was to produce draft TMDLs for certain impairments by June 2012 and a larger project was to develop draft TMDLs by September 2014. In combination, the two projects would have address the vast majority of Upper Kanawha River tributary impairments identified on the 2010 West Virginia Section 303(d) list.

DEP had initiated the 2012 project for specific biologically impaired streams located in the Campbells Creek and Cabin Creek subwatersheds. The project would have addressed streams that were previously determined to be biologically impaired and impacted by ionic stress in an earlier project (TMDLs for Selected Streams in the Upper Kanawha Watershed, WV; Final Approved Report; January 2005). The 2005 project deferred TMDLs for the ionic stress biological impairments and retained West Virginia Section 303(d) listings until DEP could secure necessary technical and financial resources that are now available.

Upper Kanawha sample map for 2014 TMDLs

Upper Kanawha sample map for 2012 Ionic Stress TMDLs

Streams scheduled to have TMDLs developed by 2014 project
Stream Name Stream Code  303(d) List Impairment
Venable Branch (Mission Hollow) WVK-46  CNA - Biological
Lower Donnally Branch  WVK-48  CNA - Biological
Big Ninemile Fork  WVK-49-N  CNA - Biological
Georges Creek  WVK-50 CNA - Biological
New West Hollow  WVK-58-B.8-1 CNA - Biological
Toms Fork  WVK-61-K  CNA - Biological
Tenmile Fork  WVK-61-L Selenium AQ
unt/Tenmile Creek RM 1.2  WVK-61-L-0.5 CNA - Biological
unt/Tenmile Creek RM 3.98  WVK-61-L-4 Selenium AQ
Kellys Creek  WVK-64 CNA - Biological
Horsemill Branch  WVK-64-A CNA - Biological, Mn, pH
Sugarcamp Branch WVK-64-C CNA - Biological
Bufflick Branch WVK-64-D CNA - Biological
Hurricane Fork WVK-64-K CNA - Biological
Banner Hollow WVK-65-D CNA - Biological
Sycamore Branch WVK-65-L CNA - Biological
Long Branch  WVK-65-M-1 Aluminum (d)
Cedar Creek  WVK-65-Q CNA - Biological
Bishop Fork  WVK-65-X CNA - Biological
Mossy Creek  WVK-65-Y CNA - Biological
North Sand Branch  WVK-65-HH-1  CNA - Biological
Maple Fork  WVK-65-HH-1-A CNA - Biological
Hughes Creek  WVK-66 CNA - Biological, Selenium AQ
Martin Hollow  WVK-66-B.5 CNA - Biological
Barn Hollow  WVK-66-B.6  CNA - Biological
Sixmile Hollow  WVK-66-D  Selenium AQ
Smithers Creek  WVK-72  CNA - Biological, Selenium AQ
Bullpush Fork  WVK-72-B  CNA - Biological
Dempsey Branch  WVK-76-C-1  CNA - Biological

2012 Ionic Stress project
Stream Name Stream Code  Impairment 
Point Lick Fork WVK-49-F CNA - Biological (ionic stress)
Rattlesnake Hollow WVK-49-I CNA - Biological (ionic stress)
Wet Branch WVK-61-C  CNA - Biological (ionic stress) 
Coal Fork  WVK-61-H  CNA - Biological (ionic stress)
Longbottom Creek  WVK-61-F  CNA - Biological

Within both projects, pre-TMDL monitoring may have identified additional impairments of listed streams and/or impairments of tributary streams for which TMDLs may have been developed.

CNA - Conditions not allowable
AQ - Aquatic
Aluminum (d) - Dissolved aluminum
Mn - Manganese

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