Brownfield Site Assessments


A brownfield is a property that is contaminated or perceived to be contaminated, thus complicating redevelopment or expansion on that property. In order to overcome that barrier, a site assessment must be performed. In many situations, a site assessment will determine that a site is not contaminated, and redevelopment plans can easily proceed. In other situations, contamination may be discovered; before redevelopment plans can continue, additional site assessment will be necessary to better understand the extent of the contamination and develop a remediation plan. In all cases, a site assessment prior to purchase of the property is vital for obtaining CERCLA liability protection.

Resources are available to assist local government entities and nonprofit organizations throughout West Virginia with site assessment activities, including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, asbestos inspections, and lead-based paint inspections at properties that are potentially contaminated by hazardous materials or petroleum.

WVDEP Site Assessments

The Office of Environmental Remediation receives funding through the EPA Brownfields Program to conduct environmental site assessments on properties throughout West Virginia. These services are provided at no cost, with a WVDEP contractor completing the assessment and the Office of Environmental Remediation overseeing the project. The primary goal of these activities is to assess priority brownfields and return these properties to productive use.

Requests for site assessments are prioritized based on potential for redevelopment, expected benefits of redevelopment, community engagement/support, and need. The amount of available funding for assessments varies based on current grant funding, and occasionally funds are unavailable until the next grant funding cycle.

To request environmental assessment services, please download and complete the following Environmental Assessment Request Form.

EPA Targeted Brownfields Assessments (TBAs)

EPA offers site assessments, development of cleanup options and cost estimates, and community outreach services through the Targeted Brownfields Assessments Program. Although the average cost of a TBA project is $100,000, these services are provided at no cost to selected local government entities and nonprofit organizations, with an EPA contractor completing the assessment, EPA overseeing the project, and the WVDEP Office of Environmental Remediation providing state-specific guidance.

The sites for this program are selected locally, on a rolling basis. Interested entities are encouraged to review the identified factors which help ensure a successful application on EPA’s Targeted Brownfields Assessments Program website.

The Office of Environmental Remediation can assist with preparation and submission of a TBA application. Email for assistance. ​​