Brownfields Assistance Program


The West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Program empowers communities, developers, and stakeholders to assess, cleanup, and sustainably reuse brownfields. WVDEP can provide free guidance and technical assistance throughout the brownfield redevelopment process.

Example services WVDEP provides include:

  • Review and explain environmental reports.
  • Provide technical and programmatical guidance to assess and remediate sites.
  • Assist with educating stakeholders and conducting community outreach.
  • Introduce similar projects successfully completed throughout the state and country.
  • Identify potential project funding sources.

Quick Links

Brownfield Redevelopment Process Infographic
Brownfield Redevelopment Process Infographic

Brownfields Reference Documents for Download

  • EPA - Brownfields Federal Programs Guide (2023)

    The 2023 Brownfields Federal Programs Guide provides information on 22 federal programs and five federal tax incentives that could support brownfields cleanup and revitalization.

  • EPA - Brownfields Road Map to Understanding Options for Site Investigation and Cleanup (2017)

    The Brownfields Road Map to Understanding Options for Site Investigation and Cleanup, Sixth Edition, provides a general outline of the steps in the investigation and cleanup of brownfields sites and introduces brownfields stakeholders to the range of technologies and resources available to them.

  • EPA - The Revitalization Handbook (2022)

    The Revitalization Handbook - Addressing Liability Concerns at Contaminated Properties (2022 Edition) summarizes the federal statutory provisions and EPA's cleanup enforcement documents that address the potential liability concerns of parties involved in the cleanup and revitalization of contaminated sites. It is designed for use by parties involved in the assessment, cleanup, and revitalization of sites, and provides a basic description of the enforcement tools that may be available to address liability concerns associated with several environmental statutes.

  • CDFA -  Brownfields Financing Toolkit

    The CDFA Brownfields Financing Toolkit provides communities with an easy-to-use, best practices resource on brownfields redevelopment. The toolkit approach to development finance brings together the best of these financing concepts and techniques to provide a comprehensive response to capital and resource needs. This guide is intended to provide information to communities interested in identifying potential financing tools for the remediation and redevelopment of contaminated brownfield sites.

  • WVDEP - A User's Guide to Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

    A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is essential for obtaining CERCLA liability protection prior to taking ownership of a property for brownfield redevelopment. WVDEP developed this fact sheet to explain the reasoning for completing a Phase I ESA, educate users with an overview of the process, and provide resources for additional information.

  • WVDEP - Brownfield Redevelopment Process Overview

    Brownfield redevelopment can be overwhelming. WVDEP created this simple infographic to provide a step-by-step guide of the brownfield redevelopment process. ​