Workshop agenda

Workshops are designed to introduce participants to the basics of stream monitoring and provide a better understanding of stream ecology. The program teaches a variety of workshops, which can be tailored to the needs of the participants (i.e. intermediate and advanced monitoring workshops or workshops tailored to specific monitoring goals and objectives). The Coordinator recommends that most groups start by learning the SOPs.  Workshops are usually scheduled on a Saturday so that it is convenient and fits into most people’s schedules, weekdays are also available; no workshops will be scheduled on Sunday.
Workshop schedule example
 Activity descriptions  Estimated times
 Introductions and sign-in

 9:30-9:45 (15 minutes) 

 Review hand-out materials  9:45-10:15 (30-45 minutes) 
 Discuss concepts reinforce with hands-on activities  10:15-11:45 (1-1 ½ hours) 

 Lunch break

 11:45-12:30 (30-45 minutes)
 Field work (not including travel time)  12:30-4:00 (3-3 ½ hours) 
 Wrap-up and certification  4:00-4:30 (30-45 minutes) 
Note: Most level-one workshops range from six to eight hours in length.   
Safety: Stream monitoring activities have certain inherent risks, which could result in injury.  Consider these risks carefully and take the necessary safety precautions before deciding to participate in any stream-monitoring or outdoor water related activity.
Persons interested in attending a workshop should register at least four business days prior to the date it is scheduled.  Registration can be completed on-line or by contacting the Coordinator.  All persons registered will receive electronic study materials, which they are encouraged to review prior to the workshop.  The program will provide basic biosurvey equipment for certified volunteer monitoring groups who agree to the programs MOU.