§22-6A Horizontal Well Permit Packet - Application Page

Please find below a link to the Horizontal Well Permit Packet. This application is for horizontal well drilling permits as defined by the Natural Gas Horizontal Well Control Act.

The file format is a writable PDF, with the ability to write and save the edited forms. You will also notice we have incorporated auto-fill fields for frequently entered information.

Also included are the individual forms that make up the Horizontal Well Permit Packet.
Please check this site periodically for any updates to permit application forms or for updates on the application process.

Latest Update:  04-04-2016  See Update Log below for update description

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Complete Permit Packet:   Horizontal 6A Well Permit Packet  (updated 04-04-2016)

Individual Forms:  

Form Number


Form Name  

Checklist for Horizontal 6A Permit (updated 8/20/13)

Notice of Application (updated 9/11/2013)


Lease Information Form (updated 5/07/13)


Notice of Seismic Activity  


Notice of Entry for Plat Survey 


Notice of Intent to Drill


Notice of Intent to Drill Waiver 


Notice of Planned Operation



Notice of Well Work or Site Preparation

Well Restriction Checklist   


Notice Certification  


Voluntary Statement of No Objection 


§22-6A Well Work Permit Application (updated 04-15-2015)


Well Location Restriction Waiver 


Fluids/Cuttings Disposal & Rec. Plan (updated 04-04-2016)


Application Notice by Publication (Updated 11/18/2015)



SSP Outline

Wetland Waiver

Permit Associated Impoundment / Pit Registration

Water Management Plan Application 

Site Safety Plan Outline (Updated 06/12/2015)
Wetland and Perennial Stream Waiver Request


Update Log
Date:                    Update Description:

9-23-2013          Correction on WW-6B, Question 16, insert to Permit Packet
9-25-2013          Correction on WW-6B, Question 24, corrected formatting.
9-27-2013          Correction of WW-9, permit packet, checkbox formatting
11-08-2013        WW-6A7, posted corrected form.
12-30-2013        Update H6A Permit Checklist, Update Permit Packet.
02-13-2014        Site Safety Plan Outline added to Permit Package and Individual Forms
03-26-2014        Site Safety Plan Outline updated, to Permit Package and Individual Forms
05-05-2014        Site Safety Plan Outline updated, to Permit Package and Individual Forms.
06-02-2014        Updated Water Management Plan application link.
11-18-2014        Added Wetland and Perennial Stream Waiver Request form
12-03-2014        Update form WW-6B and Permit Packet 
02-09-2015        Update form WW-9, inserted into Permit Packet 
04-15-2015        Update form WW-6B, and inserted into Permit Packet
06-12-2015        Update Site Safety Plan
11-18-2015        Update WW-PN, Application Notice by Publication, and insert in Permit Package
04-04-2016        Update WW-9, insert into Permit Package