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The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) makes oil and gas well information and production data available to the general public through this internet service free of charge.

The oil and gas related data originate from the information reported to the Office of Oil and Gas at WVDEP by West Virginia oil and gas operators. The WVDEP does not guarantee their accuracy, precision, or completeness.

Neither the WVDEP nor its staff members are liable or responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the use of these data or from inaccuracies contained in the data.

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Oil and Gas Production Data

Oil and gas production data is reported to the WVDEP once per calender year, due on March 31st. Select a year below to download the total production data set for that year, in MS Excel format. Once downloaded, you may sort and filter the data using Excel tools to refine the data to suit your needs.

You may also search oil and gas production data for individual wells under the "Search Oil and Database" option, then "Search for Oil and Gas Wells". That data may be copied by cutting and pasting into spreadsheets, if needed.

The units used are: Gas - MCF (1,000 cubic feet), Oil, Condensate, Water - Barrels (42 gallons).

Yearly Production Data