Oil and Gas Well - Request Comments

Due to recent changes to our database computer programs, the automated comment viewer is out of service for a period of time. Until this feature is back up, you may request to see comments on any horizontal well application by requesting them in an email to any of the people below.

Wade Stansberry
WV Department of Environmental Protection
Office of Oil and Gas
Environmental Resources Specialist 3
601 57th Street SE
Charleston, WV 25304
Phone: 304-926-0499
Email: Wade.A.Stansberry@wv.gov

You may look up recently arrived permit applications by using the search functions of our data search tool. We suggest you search using the “Application Received From” and “Application Received To” search boxes to choose a date range of recently arrived permit applications. You may also narrow your search by counties. Please specify in your email the permit application API number you are interested in viewing.