Office of Oil and Gas

The Office of Oil and Gas is responsible for monitoring and regulating all actions related to the exploration, drilling, storage and production of oil and natural gas.

  • It maintains records on over 55,000 active and 12,000 inactive oil & gas wells.
  • It manages Abandoned Well Plugging and Reclamation Program.
  • It ensures surface/groundwater is protected from oil and gas activities.

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Pollution and Emergency Spills: 1-800-642-3074

Air Quality - Oil and Gas Related

Horizontal Drilling Permits Page - A page dedicated to information about horizontal drilling.


Erosion and Sediment Control Field Manual - Revised 5-2012 

OOG Jobs

Vacancy Announcements for Oil and Gas Inspectors 


Centralized Pits-Design and Construction Standards

Horizontal Well Act

Link to Full Legislation 
Penalty Memorandum Advisory

Rules and Regulations

New requirements under W. Va. Code § 22-6-22
Marcellus Shale Completion Returns Directive
Pit Reclamation Memo 3-23-10
Compositional Breakdown of Fracturing Solutions
Industry Marcellus Guidance Document - 1-8-10


General Water Pollution Control Permit GP-WV-1-88

Coal Bed Methane Permit
General Water Pollution Control Permit GP-WV-1-07
Fact Sheet for GP-WV-1-07
WW-8 -Site Registration Form for Land Application of CBM produced water 

General Water Pollution Control Permit GP-WV-1-88 Reissue May, 2020
Public commments concerning reissuance of this permit will be received until June 5, 2020.
See Public Notice below for public comment submital instructions.

General Water Pollution Control Permit GP-WV-1-88 Draft
Fact Sheet for GP-WV-1-88 
Public Notice Information


OOG Program Review Information
Oil and Gas Regulatory and Technical Support - Oil and Gas regulatory and technical support is the environmental regulatory program for the oil and gas production and transportation industry in West Virginia.
Abandoned Well Program - The Abandoned Well Program will inventory, assess the environmental risk, and plug abandoned wells to mitigate their environmental impact and remove their impediment to mineral development.