Annual Production Reporting Requirements


The 2018 session of the West Virginia Legislature passed HB 4270, bringing new production reporting requirements for horizontal wells, as described in W. Va. Code § 22-6-22(f).

Under the new requirements, operators of “Horizontal 6A", or “H6A wells” will report production data quarterly. Only these horizontal wells will report data quarterly.

All other operators will see no change and will continue to report production annually. Only operators of horizontal H6A wells will report production data quarterly.

Updated forms and instructions have been posted to a web page dedicated to this quarterly reporting, see Quarterly Production Reporting Information for that information.

For Conventional Well Operators

  • There are no changes for conventional well operators.
  • Use Excel spreadsheet, form WR-39e, or if an operator does not have access to a computer, the paper form, WR-39, may be used.
  • Use the most current forms and follow the directions.
  • Use only whole numbers. No decimals are needed. No negative numbers are allowed.
  • Submit “Certification of Annual Inspection”, Form WR-99, by mail or email.
  • Follow The Instructions!
  • Do not change the forms! Our computer system can only process forms the way we make them. If you add columns or other information, the computer will not read the file. Do not change the forms. Use the most recent form.

Compliance Forms

Mailing Address

WV Department of Environmental Protection
Office of Oil and Gas
601 57th Street, SE
Charleston, WV 25304-2345

Electronic Submission System

The Electronic Submission System (ESS) is now the preferred method of production data submission. Instructions have been developed to guide you through this process.

The ESS system will require that your WR-39e form is completed correctly. You must read the instructions for completing the WR-39e and complete it as shown in the examples. WR-39e forms that are not completed correctly will be returned.

We would like to discourage the use of the paper form method of production reporting. If an operator has access to a computer, we strongly prefer you complete the WR-39e form and submit using the ESS system, or by email.

In summary, operators of conventional well (wells that are not “Horizontal 6A”) are required to:

  • Send production data to this office before March 31st for the previous calendar year.
  • You may send it to us by one of three methods:
    • Electronic Submission System (ESS), with WR-39e spreadsheet.
    • Email the spreadsheet to
    • Send a paper copy of the WR-39 form
  • Send a completed WR-99, Certificate of Annual Inspection form

Annual Reporting and Inspection

Annual Reporting

Under WV Legislative Rule Title 35 Series 4 Section 15.1, and Title 35 Series 8 Section 11, an annual report of oil, gas, and for operators of H6A horizontal wells, condensate and produced water production shall be filed with the Chief of the Office of Oil and Gas on or before the succeeding March 31st.

Annual Inspection

In order to file a Certification of Annual Inspection WR-99, you need to conduct an inspection at the surface of each unplugged well at which drilling has been completed for more than five (5) years. This inspection should be completed using the OP-13 Operator's Annual Well Inspection Form.

Well Operators Annual Inspection Forms are required to be kept on file at the operator's place of business for at least three (3) years subject to review by this office.

Wells that have not been in use for the past 12 months and do not have production to report, will be considered abandoned, unless the operator demonstrates a bona-fide future use for the well. The BF-1, Request for Inactive Status form , is used for that purpose. If your well is currently approved for inactive status, you do not need to re-file.

For more information on abandoned wells, future use and inactive status, contact the Office of Oil and Gas, 304-926-0450.