UIC Applications Approved for Draft / Public Comment


Below are listed pending Underground Injection Control permit applications available for viewing, download, and public comments.  Permits will be listed for the public comment period.

Public comments should be submitted to DEPOOGEP@wv.gov with the subject "UIC Comments".   

 Operator             Draft Permit Fact Sheet Complete UIC Application Public Comment
Period End Date   
Summit Appalachia Operating Company 2D10902032 
Draft Modification
Fact Sheet 
Modification Application  
May1, 2020
Nytis Exploration Company LLC  2D03902262003 Draft Permit  2D03902262003 Fact Sheet 2D03902262003 Application June 19, 2020 
Nytis Exploration Company LLC  2D03902327002 Draft Permit 2D03902327002 Fact Sheet 2D03902327002 Application June 19, 2020
Nytis Exploration Company LLC  2D03904844002 Draft Permit 2D03904844002 Fact Sheet 2D03904844002 Application June 19, 2020
Nytis Exploration Company LLC  2D03904892002 Draft Permit 2D03904892002 Fact Sheet 2D03904892002 Application June 19, 2020