Oil and Gas Forms

Bond Forms 

CD-1 - Certificate of Deposit Bond (CD Bond) 
OP-2 - Request to Invest Bond (Cash Bond)
Surety Bond instructions
OP-7 - Single Well Surety Bond 
OP-8 - Blanket Surety Bond 
Letter of Credit Bond instructions 
OP-8B Letter of Credit (Single Well and Blanket Bond)

Permit Forms 

Link to: §22-6A Horizontal Well Permit Application Forms
Permit Forms Packet (For Wells NOT under 22-6A Horizontal Well Act) - Revised 05.23.2016
Checklist for Filing Permits (For Wells NOT under 22-6A Horizontal Well Act)
Coal Bed Methane Permit Pack - Revised 05.24.2016
Plugging Permit - Revised 05.24.2016
WW-4C - Plugging - Abandoned Well by Interested Party
OB-13 Coal Objection Form - Revised 06.18.2015
OB-16 - Request to Plug by Coal Operator
UIC Permit Instructions and Forms - Revised 06.25.2014
UIC Well Work Permit Application - Revised 04.16.2015
WR-36 - Oil & Gas Ratio 
WR-37 -  Pre Operation Certificate
WR-38 - Plugging Affidavit
WW-6 - Well Location Plat
WW-7 - Well Location Form: GPS
WW-8 Site Registration for Land Application of CBM Produced Water - Revised 08.10.2015
WW-9 - Pit and Disposal Reclamation Plan -Revised 05-23-2016
WW-9-GPP - Groundwater Protection Plan - Revised 05-24-2016
Deep Well Site Safety Plan - Policy Statement - Revised 10-2012
Deep Well Site Safety Plan Outline 

Erosion and Sediment Control Field Manual


Operator Forms 

WR-34 - Discharge Monitoring Report 
WR-35 - Well Record Completion Report 
    *Instructions for New WR-35 Well Record Completion Report*
WR-39 - Report of Monthly Production  *Revised 01-2019 **
WR-39E - Electronic Production Report  - Revised 01-2017
WR-40 - Report for Waste Disposal Wells Revised 08-05-2014 
WR-99 - Annual Well Inspection Certification - Revised 12-2015
WW-72 - Reclamation Notice
WW-75 - Request not to Bury Pipeline  
BF-1 - Bona Fide Future Use - Revised 12-2015
OP-13 - Operator's Annual Inspection Form Revised 12-2015


Transfer and Other Forms 

H6A Permit Transfer Package - OP-6A and WW-6A1PT - New Release 02-15-2015
OP-1 - Operator Registration Revised 02-2015
OP-77 - Transfer form - **Revised 04-02-2019**
OP-77A - Transfer from Unknown Operator- **Revised 01-08-2019**
OP-77U  -  UIC Permit Transfer Package
WW-60 - Royalty Affidavit
WW-70 - Affidavit of Personal Service