Idle-Free Zone Information

​Map of Idle-Free Zone sign distribution in West Virginia


Brochure describing how limiting school bus engine idling protects both indoor and outdoor air quality, saves money in fuel costs, reduces engine wear, and creates a healthier environment.


Handout on diesel fuel and cost savings for school bus fleets that reduce engine idling ~ “How Much Can I Save By Not Idling My School Bus Engine?”


Suggestions on placing your Idle-Free Zone sign


Create an Idle Free Zone, Save Money and the Environment from the West Virginia Department of Education, Division of Student Support Services, Office of School Facilities Newsletter, August 2007


National Idling Reduction Network News (U.S. Department of Energy), November 2007 — Page 14 highlights Ohio County Schools’ participation in the Idle-Free Zone Sign Project.




Photos of Idle-Free Zone Signs at West Virginia Schools

Sissonville Middle School, Kanawha County

Madison Elementary, Boone County

Riverside High School, Kanawha County

Bridgeport Athletic Field, Harrison County

Chamberlain Elementary School, Kanawha County

Kanawha City Elementary, Kanawha County

South Charleston Middle School, Kanawha County

Bridgeport High School, Harrison County
Boone County Elementary, Boone County
Altizer Elementary School, Cabell County

Vinson Middle School, Cabell County

Meadows Elementary School, Cabell County

Scott High School, Boone County

Brook View Elementary, Boone County
Huntington Middle School, Cabell County