Air Permitting

The West Virginia Division of Air Quality's Permitting Section implements West Virginia's permit program established under the State's Air Pollution Control Act.

West Virginia's permit program includes review of applications, determination of permit applicability and issuance of permits for both minor and major sources. Minor sources are primarily permitted under the minor source rule found at 45CSR13. Major sources are primarily permitted under the new source review rules found at 45CSR14 and 45CSR19. Major sources are issued operating permits under the authority of 45CSR30 (Requirements for Operating Permits) which is the implementing rule of Title V of the 1990 Federal Clean Air Act Amendments.

Our goal is to set forth the procedures for obtaining a permit to construct, modify, relocate and operate a new stationary source; a temporary permit; a general permit registration; and, for filing notifications of changes not otherwise subject to permit requirements. All applications by any person must conform to the review procedures and conditions of the West Virginia Code as well as West Virginia permitting rules.

We strive to ensure that economic growth will occur in harmony with the preservation of existing clean air resources; to prevent the development of any new non-attainment problems; to protect the public health and welfare from any adverse effects which might occur even at air quality levels better than the West Virginia and National Ambient Air Quality Standards; and, to preserve, protect and enhance the air quality in areas of special natural, recreational, scenic and/or historic value.



 Acrobat Button Clarification of Permitting Requirements for Sources Subject to NSPS Subpart Y or Subpart OOO (May 2011)
 Acrobat Button  Procedures for Incoming Permit Applications 48-Hour Response (January 14, 2002)
 Acrobat Button  Policy Regarding Permit Processing Under 45CSR13 (November 20, 2002)

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