Title V Guidance and Forms

Initial/Renewal Permit Application Forms

 Application submittal instructions were updated on March 13, 2017

Below are links to Title V application forms. ALL initial and renewal Title V operating permit applications MUST BE submitted on these forms.
  • The forms requiring data entry were setup by using fields of a specified length. If you are entering data that exceeds the specified length, please use the "Tab" key to go to the next line (another field) which should allow you to continue. It is best to use the "Tab" key instead of the "Enter" key in all instances.

  • Each submission shall contain two electronic copies of the application, a signed hard copy of the "Certification of Information" (Section 6, item number 28 of "Title V general application forms"), and any other forms requiring a signature (such as confidential information cover document).

  • Electronic applications should be submitted on readable CDs, USB flash drives, or other form of electronic media and must include signatures where required.   Electronic applications should be submitted in one complete pdf file.
  • If your application contains confidential information, you must submit two electronic copies per application copy, one confidential version and a separate non-confidential (redacted) version.  This ensures that no confidential information is uploaded to our website.  Therefore, if you have confidential information in your application, you will submit two non-confidential copies and two confidential copies.  All confidential information must be submitted in accordance with "Precautionary Notice - Claims of Confidentiality."
  • There may be additions to these instructions at any time; however, we will always maintain the most current version here, with revision dates.  Should you have any questions, please contact a member of the Title V work group at 304-926-0475.


 Initial/Renewal Permit Application Forms

  General instructions (NEW) 


   List of Title V permit application forms


   Insignificant activities checklist  
   Title V permit application checklist for administrative completeness


   Precautionary notice - Claims of Confidentiality


   Title V general application forms


   Plot plan guidelines


   Attachment D - Equipment table


   Attachment E - Emission unit form(s)


   Attachment F - Schedule of compliance form(s)


   Attachment G - Air pollution control device form(s)


   Attachment H - Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM) plan form(s)


   CAM plan checklist - used to help ensure approvability of submitted CAM plan




Title V Revision Application Forms

Revision Application Forms

   Title V Operating Permit Revisions Guidance Producedures & Instructions  7/07

Title V Revision Application (for a Title V change only) 5/13
   For a combined application for both an NSR (45CSR13) permit
and a Title V Permit Revision, click here

Deferred Sources

Pursuant to the authority granted in West Virginia 45CSR§30-3.2 and 45CSR§30A-3.1, the DAQ is extending the deferral, which was set to expire December 15, 2000, of all nonmajor sources (except solid waste incineration units required to obtain a permit pursuant to §129(e) of the Clean Air Act) subject to West Virginia 45CSR30 (Title V Program) from the obligation to submit an operating permit application until the date specified in any rulemaking promulgated by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency relating to nonmajor or area sources and their obligation to obtain a permit under Title V of the Clean Air Act or until the date specified in any individual standard or requirement relating to a source's obligation to obtain a Title V Operating Permit.
This deferral does not relieve the source from the requirements of any applicable statutes, rules or permits, other than the requirement to obtain a permit under West Virginia 45CSR30; provided, however, that such sources shall not be relieved from the obligation to pay any and all permit fees required under West Virginia 45CSR30 (45CSR§30A-5.1.).

Ordering RMP

Please order RMP* E-submit through the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP):


Documents and Files


March 2017

Title V Permit boilerplate
Oct 2014 Title V Fact Sheet boilerplate
Table B
April 2013 General Requirement Comparison Tables (comparasion of Rule 13 permit language and the corresponding Title V permit language).
March 2017 Title V Operating Permit Semi-Annual Monitoring Report. Use of this form became mandatory as of April 1, 2004.  Submit signed electronic copy by e-mail to:  DEPAirQualityReports@wv.gov

March 2017

Title V Operating Permit Annual Compliance Certification. Use of this form became mandatory as of April 1, 2004.  Submit signed electronic copy by e-mail to:  DEPAirQualityReports@wv.gov

Inactive Guidance

Obtaining Inactive Status for Title V Sources
(New 10/2014)
CES Registration (New 10/2014)