Title V Guidance and Forms


Permit Applications should continue to use the appropriate forms and attachments. DAQ is only making changes to allow for electronic submittal (via email) of Permit Applications to facilitate faster submittal of Applications and adapting to telecommute and work from home situations. As we roll this process out, we reserve the right to make changes to improve the process for all involved.

Contact Us

Stephanie Mink, Title V Permitting Secretary
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Air Quality: Title V Permitting
601 57th Street SE
Charleston, WV 25304
Phone: (304) 926-0499 x41281
Email: Stephanie.R.Mink@wv.gov

Title V Permit Application Submission Guidance

Please review the following tips and instructions before an application is emailed. Make sure to check this page for changes before submitting a Permit Application.

Electronic Submission

As of March 16, 2020, The Division of Air Quality requests that all permit applications be submitted by email to DEPAirQualityPermitting@wv.gov.


If you have any questions, please contact the Division of Air Quality Title V Permitting unit.


Confidential Business Information

Do NOT include Confidential Business Information (CBI). Please be aware submitted documents are publicly available once received by our office. All confidential information must be submitted in accordance with "Precautionary Notice - Claims of Confidentiality".

CBI must be mailed separately to:

WVDEP – DAQ – Permitting
Attn: Title V Permitting Secretary
601 57th Street, SE
Charleston, WV 25304

Application Submission Format

  • The subject line for your email should be headed: [Company Name; Facility Location]

  • If possible, applications should be scanned as ONE PDF file and attached to the email. If all attachments to the email are larger than 25 MB, then the email will not be received. Therefore, when scanning the application, please scan with a medium resolution or as a compact PDF. If the application is still larger than 25MB, then separate the application and send each section as a separate email and make a notation in the email subject line of the section number that is attached.

    • Example:
  • Please fill out the email cover letter and include it with the email.

Title V Permit Application Forms and Documents

Title V Documents and Forms

Title V Reporting and Compliance Documents

Use of these form became mandatory as of April 1, 2004. Submit signed electronic copy by e-mail to: DEPAirQualityReports@wv.gov

Inactive Guidance

Deferred Sources

Pursuant to the authority granted in West Virginia 45CSR§30-3.2 and 45CSR§30A-3.1, the DAQ is extending the deferral, which was set to expire December 15, 2000, of all nonmajor sources (except solid waste incineration units required to obtain a permit pursuant to §129(e) of the Clean Air Act) subject to West Virginia 45CSR30 (Title V Program) from the obligation to submit an operating permit application until the date specified in any rulemaking promulgated by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency relating to nonmajor or area sources and their obligation to obtain a permit under Title V of the Clean Air Act or until the date specified in any individual standard or requirement relating to a source's obligation to obtain a Title V Operating Permit.

This deferral does not relieve the source from the requirements of any applicable statutes, rules or permits, other than the requirement to obtain a permit under West Virginia 45CSR30; provided, however, that such sources shall not be relieved from the obligation to pay any and all permit fees required under West Virginia 45CSR30 (45CSR§30A-5.1).

Ordering RMP

Please order RMP* E-submit through the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP):

Phone: (800) 490-9198
Fax: (513) 489-8695
EPA: National Service Center for Environmental Publications