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The sites listed below represent some of the more commonly visited environmental sites and are being made available for your convenience. If you know of a particularly good Internet Resource site addressing air quality issues, or environmental issues as a whole, please contact us at (304)-926-0475 Phone, (304)-926-0479 Fax, or Email





Air and Waste Management Association

Association of Environmental Professionals

Applicability Determination

USEPA Regulation Applicability Determination Index (ADI)


National Association of Clean Air Agencies

Technical Air Pollution Resources

USEPA Technical Air Pollution Resources Website

Code of Federal Regulations

Government Printing Office Website with Code of Federal Regulations

Codified Federal Regulations (CFR)

USEPA Code of Federal Regulations Database


A single point of entry to access USEPA environmental data

Environmental News Networks

A link to environmental news and awareness

Environmental Web Directory (The)

Environmental search engine

Federal Depository Library Gateways

Connect to GPO Access Online Databases Through A Federal Depository Library Gateway

Villanova Center for Information Law & Policy

Locate Federal websites using their search capabilities

National Technical Information Service

Governmental information via the Department of Commerce

Glossary of Air Quality Terminology

Contains terminology and acronyms used by the environmental community

Guide to Environmental Permitting

Handbook developed by the Governors Office and DEP

Library of Congress

Library of Congress Homepage

National Institute for Chemical Studies (NRC)

Protective Actions for the Public During Hazardous Materials Emergencies

National Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP)

Small business environmental assistance program to assist small businesses with environmental compliance and emissions reduction.

Office of Air & Radiation (USEPA)

EPA's Office of Air and Radiation (OAR) deals with issues that affect the quality of our air. OAR develops national programs, technical policies, and regulations for air pollution control

Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards (USEPA)

EPA's Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards duty is to direct national efforts to meet air quality goals, particularly for smog, air toxics, carbon monoxide, lead, particulate matter (soot and dust), sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide

Right to Know Network (The)

A network providing free access to numerous databases, text files, and conferences on the environment, housing, and sustainable development

Sector Facility Indexing Project

SFIP brings together environmental and other information from a number of data systems to produce facility-level profiles for five industry sectors (petroleum refining, iron and steel production, primary nonferrous metal refining and smelting, pulp manufacturing, and automobile assembly).

State of West Virginia Home Page (The)

Maintained by the State of WV. Many WV websites listed.

The Chemical Scorecard

A chemical information service provided by the Environmental Defense Fund

U. S. Legislative information

TTN2000 Clearinghouse for Inventories and Emission Factors (CHIEF)

Provides access to the latest information and tools for estimating emissions of air pollutants and performing air emission inventories

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)

USEPA Homepage

USEPA Acid Rain

Acid Rain basics 


Maintained by USEPA Region III, Philadelphia PA

USEPA Region III Air Protection Division

Maintained by USEPA Region III, Philadelphia PA

Small Business Ombudsman

Office of the National Small Business Ombudsman