General Information


The Division of Air Quality handles citizen complaints involving dust, fallout, odor problems and open burning. In many instances, the ability to satisfactorily handle a citizen's concern regarding an air pollution issue is based upon immediate notification that a problem is being experienced and the ability to rapidly respond to the complaint. Quite often, notification is too late to allow an inspector to observe and document the alleged violation or our inspectors are not immediately available because they are all ready involved in another compliance- and/or enforcement-related issue.

When a citizen files a complaint with the DAQ about an alleged air pollution issue, he or she may do so by telephone, fax, or email using the contact information below:

Wanda Spradling
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Air Quality
601 57th St SE
Charleston, WV 25304
Phone: (304) 926-0499 x41909
Fax: (304) 926-0479

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

Access to DAQ file information is obtainable by filing a FOIA request with the Department of Environmental Protection's Public Information Office.

Outreach Display Projects

Solar Race Track

The solar panel charges the battery system and allows use of the solar race track on sunny days, overcast days and indoors.

Energy House

This display was designed by DAQ personnel to provide talking points about alternative energy and energy conservation in the home.

Glass Comparison

This display was built to illustrate how different types of window glass can save energy.

Tire Inflation

This display was designed by DAQ personnel to demonstrate the importance of proper tire inflation. Properly inflated tires help ensure maxium gas mileage. Properly maintained vehicles use less gas and pollute less.

Roof Color

This display was was built to illustrate the concepts: that color affects heat and light absorption and that insulation blocks heat transfer.

Wind Turbine Diorama

This display was was built to illustrate some of the renewable energy sources available in West Virginia.