Emission Trading Program Forms

Program participants must submit notification to the DAQ for review prior to generating, using or trading emission reduction credits (ERCs), or using a new or alternate quantification protocol.  There are five (5) separate notices that may be used under the Emission Trading Program.  DAQ has sixty (60) days to complete a review and respond to the applicant prior to registering the generation, transfer or use of ERCs on the Emission Trading Registry.


However, DAQ must approve the use of any new or alternate quantification protocol prior to its use to quantify emissions.  These forms must be submitted at least thirty (30) days PRIOR to a Notice of ERC Generation or a Notice of ERC Use.


Emission Trading notice forms for the generation, use and trading of ERCs, and emission monitoring and quantification protocols are now available.  These forms are downloadable from the table below, and instructions for completing the forms are also available on the "Program Guidance" page located in the drop-down menu from the "Emission Trading" page.


For further information regarding the Emission Trading Program, please contact the DAQ at 304-926-0499, ext. 41286.


Application to Use a New or Alternate Quantification Protocol                                                                



Notice of ERC Generation Form                 

Generation Form

Notice of ERC Transfer/Trade Form                 

Transfer/Trade Form

Notice of ERC Use or Retirement Form                 

Use/Retirement Form