NSR Permit Applications


Below is a list of current NSR Permit Applications by type: Popular Searches, PSD, Construction/Modification, Administrative Updates, Relocation, Temporary, General Permits, and Permit Determinations. We have them listed in descending order based on date received. If you would like to view files for any of the sources listed, please click here to access our database. When you open the database to login, simply enter DEP as the user and DEP as the password (ALL CAPS). Once on the site, click on PERMITSAIR and you can search by any of the parameters listed. If you know the permit number, you may enter it into the SECONDARY ID NUMBER field. Usually, the only file available to view will be the permit application. However, if the permit application is open for public comment, then there may also be an engineering evaluation or a draft permit available to view.

Permit Number Facility ID Company Name; Location Permit Type Last Day to Comment Permit Writer Documents
13-3495 061-00134 Longview Power, LLC; Maidsville Construction 11/9/2020 Andrews, Ed Final Permit

Final Determination



Draft Permit

Fact Sheet

Public Comments




Permit Number Facility ID Company Name; Location Permit Type Date Received Last Day to Comment Permit Writer
14-0032 107-00176 Appalachian Shale Cracker Enterprise LLC; Washington Construction 5/15/2014 Kessler, Joe
14-0038 061-00134 Longview Power, LLC; Maidsville Construction 12/10/2019 Andrews, Ed


Permit Number Facility ID Company Name; Location Permit Type Date Received Last Day to Comment Permit Writer
13-2468E 103-00009 Dominion Energy Transmissions, Inc.; Hastings Extra Modification 8/21/2015 Andrews, Ed
13-2857F 053-00004 Felman Production, LLC; Letart Modification 5/10/2019 Pursley, Steve
13-3374A 061-00180 LP Mineral, LLC; Humphrey Quarry Modification 6/3/2019 Roberts, Dan
13-3460 029-00083 Mountaineer Metal Management, LLC; Jimmy Carey Plant Construction 6/17/2019 Kessler, Joe
14-0005G 049-00026 American Bituminous Power Partners, L.P.; Grant Modification 1/7/2020 12/21/2020 Kessler, Joe
13-2438V 053-00007 ICL-IP America Inc.; Gallipolis Ferry Modification 2/11/2020 2/12/2021 Williams, Jerry
13-1335A 041-00015 NRE Hagerstown, Inc.; Weston Foundry Modification 3/4/2020 1/22/2021 Kessler, Joe
13-2968D 033-00207  Mountaineer Midstream Company, LLC;
Zinnia Station
Modification  8/21/2020    Keatley, David
13-3501 089-00043  Ronald Meadows Funeral Parlors, Inc.; Hinton Construction 9/28/2020  2/12/2021  Legg, John 
13-3431B 077-00017 Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC; Terra Alta Compressor Station Modification  10/21/2020  1/14/2021  Carney, Jonathan 
13-3505 039-00705  Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC; Coco Storage Field A12 Methanol Tank A01  Construction  11/3/2020  1/19/2021  Williams, Jerry 
13-3506 035-00072 Mountaineer Gas Company; Mud Run Compressor Station Construction 11/11/2020    Keatley, David
13-3507 011-00230 Mountaineer Gas Company; Two Mile Compressor Station Construction 11/11/2020   Keatley, David 
13-3508 075-00038  Lantz Funeral Home LLC; Buckeye Construction 11/16/2020    Legg, John 
13-2332H 041-00045 Latham Pool Products; Jane Lew  Modification 11/19/2020   Pursley, Steve
13-3509 073-00040  West Virginia Methanol, Inc.; Pleasants County  Construction  11/23/2020    Kessler, Joe 
13-2823F 041-00013 Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.; Lightburn Station Modification 11/24/2020    Williams, Jerry 
13-3510 003-00013 Berkeley Medical Center; Martinsburg  Construction 12/1/2020   Legg, John
13-3429C 103-00134 Antero Midstream LLC; Wetzel Rich 1 Compressor Station Modification  12/7/2020    Williams, Jerry
13-3511 103-00146  EQT Production Company; Opry AST Pad  Construction  12/16/2020    Williams, Jerry 
13-3032C 107-00100  Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC; Rockport Compressor Station  Modification 12/23/2020    Williams, Jerry 
13-2347A 083-00101  Greylock Midstream, LLC; Ellamore Compressor Station  Modification 01/06/2021    Williams, Jerry
13-2707C 057-00046  Lumber & Things, Inc.; Keyser  Modification 01/11/2021    Pursley, Steven 

Administrative Update

Permit Number Facility ID Company Name; Location Permit Type Date Received Last Day to Comment Permit Writer
13-2312A 009-00017 Bulldog Rock of Weirton, Inc.; Weirton Administrative 4/2/2020 Rothwell, Tracy
13-2679G 033-00005 Pratt & Whitney Engine Services, Inc.; Bridgeport Administrative 5/11/2020 Rothwell, Tracy
13-3374B 061-00180  LP Mineral, LLC; Humphrey Quarry  Administrative-2  9/16/2020    Roberts, Dan 
13-3357A 041-00051 Diversified Production LLC; Rohrbaugh Station  Administrative-2  11/11/2020    Legg, John
13-2574C 079-00115  The Adjutant General's Department; Eleanor Maintenance Facility Administrative-2  11/19/2020    Andrews, Ed 
13-0815L 107-00182  The Chemours Company FC, LLC; Washington Works   Administrative-1 12/10/2020   Carney, Jonathan 
13-2379G 009-00004  Jupiter Aluminum Corporation; Jupiter Coil Coating Administrative-2  12/17/2020   Pursley, Steve 
13-0760J 049-00019  The Marion County Coal Company; Marion County Prep Plant  Administrative-1  12/23/2020   Roberts, Dany
13-2449J 065-00003 Caperton Furnitureworks; Berkeley Springs Administrative-2  01/06/2021    Legg, John 
13-3350A 103-00098  Tribune Resources, LLC; WJ Criswell 405  Administrative-2  01/14/2021   Carney, Jonathan


Permit Number Facility ID Company Name; Location Permit Type Date Received Last Day to Comment Permit Writer


Permit Number Facility ID Company Name; Location Permit Type Date Received Last Day to Comment Permit Writer

General Permit

Permit Number Facility ID Company Name; Location Permit Type Date Received Last Day to Comment Permit Writer
G10-D005F 067-00019 Power Mountain Contura, LLC; Power Mountain Prep Administrative 6/13/2020 Roberts, Dan
G10-D036A 049-00110 LP Mineral, LLC; Grant Town Modification 4/10/2020 Roberts, Dan
G10-D148B 049-00152 LP Mineral, LLC; Barrackville Site Administrative 5/15/2020 Roberts, Dan
G35-D064G 049-00138  DTE Appalachia Gathering, LLC; Daybrook Station Administrative-1 9/23/2020   Keatley, David 
G35-D131B 103-00115  EQM Gathering Opco, LLC; Dulaney Compressor Station  Administrative-2  10/5/2020    Keatley, David 
G40-C120 777-00164  Doss Enterprises LC; Clendenin Elementary School Construction  12/4/2020    Martin, Lee 
G70-D453 051-00148  SWN Production Company, LLC; Michael Southworth Pad Modification  12/10/2020    Kees, Roy 
G70-D454 033-00287 HG Energy II Appalachia, LLC; Antonio 1206 Construction 12/16/2020   Kees, Roy
G40-C121 109-00241  Rockwell Mining, LLC; Glancy Surface Mine Construction  12/18/2020    Martin, Lee
G70-D455 041-00090 HG Energy II Appalachia, LLC; McDonald 1211  Construction  12/23/2020    Kees, Roy
G50-C120 057-00061 Wendell H. Stone Company Inc.; Keyser Plant Construction  12/24/2020    Martin, Lee 
G10-D185 045-00131 Greenbrier Minerals, LLC; Lower War Eagle  Modification  01/12/2021    Roberts, Daniel
G70-D456 051-00309  Tug Hill Operating, LLC; Knob Creek Wellpad Construction  01/12/2021    Kees, Roy 
G70-D457 051-00310 Tug Hill Operating, LLC; Michter Wellpad  Construction  01/12/2021    Kees, Roy 

Permit Determination

Permit Number Facility ID Company Name; Location Permit Type Date Received Last Day to Comment Permit Writer
PD21-001 061-00258  CWS Company  Determination  01/06/2021   Legg, John 
PD21-002 083-00104 Greenfield Cabinetry, LLC; Elkins  Determination  01/08/2021    Legg, John 
PD21-003 039-00001 The Chemours Company FC, LLC; Belle  Determination  01/11/2021   Carney, Jonathan