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​(last modified on December 14, 2017)

The USEPA requires States to inventory and submit emissions from air pollution sources. These sources include Point Sources (industrial stationary sources), Nonpoint Sources (small facilities, lawn mowers, wood stoves, etc.), and Mobile Sources (cars, trucks, boats, etc.). Only the Point Source emissions are required to be reported to the USEPA every year. Nonpoint and Mobile sources are reported every three years. The most recent comprehensive three-year inventory will be 2017.

Inventory data is used to verify whether air programs previously enacted are being effective and to aid in designing air programs needed to ensure air quality is improved or maintained. Additionally, for new rule development, the USEPA uses these emissions estimates to model the risk to nearby communities; especially for toxic air pollutants.

West Virginia uses the State & Local Emissions Inventory System (SLEIS) database software to collect the Title V point source emissions. This web based software can be accessed at apps.dep.wv.gov/SLEIS.

To use SLEIS, an account must be established. If you are not registered, please download, complete, save, and email the registration form (available from the SLEIS webpage) to: dep.aei@wv.gov.

Major Title V facilities (not Title V deferred facilities) are required to submit the 2017 calendar year inventory by March 31, 2018. Data request letters will be mailed to each facility on or before December 31, 2017.

Deferred Title V Facilities are required to submit the 2017 calendar year inventory (facility summary only) by May 1, 2018. Data request letters will be mailed to each facility on or before December 31, 2017.

Documents to be Completed and Submitted with Inventory:

The two Excel spreadsheets below must be completed and sent as attachments to SLEIS. The Certification of Data Accuracy must be printed, filled out, and submitted on paper as it contains a signature.

Certification of Data Accuracy.pdf (Revised 11/17/2017) - This document cannot be submitted as an attachment in SLEIS, as it requires a confirmation number that will not generate until AFTER the SLEIS inventory has been submitted.

Declaration of Data Confidentiality.xls (Revised 10/30/2013) - Use to describe Confidential Business Information (CBI) in the Emission Inventory submittal. Do not put confidential information in the SLEIS submittal. Confidential data is to be submitted separately. If not claiming data confidential, put an "X" in the box labeled "Check here". Copy the completed table and attach it to your SLEIS emission inventory submittal.
Title V Cross Reference Table.xls (revised 10/30/2013) - Use to reconcile differences between Title V and the SLEIS numbering schemes. If the numbering schemes match exactly, submit with an "X" in the box labeled "Check here". Copy the completed table and attach it to your SLEIS emission inventory submittal. You must submit this spreadsheet every year, even if one was submitted for a prior year.

Supporting Information

The following documents contain useful information for emission inventory preparation and reporting.

2017 EI Basic Reporting Guidance.pdf - (revised 12/8/2017) - Provides basic SLEIS guidance and addresses questions and problems that have arisen during previous reporting years.
Deferred Title V Facility SLEIS Training.pdf - (revised 12/8/2017) - instructions for editing Deferred source emission data in SLEIS
2015 Source Classification Codes.xls - (revised 12/11/2015) - Source Classification Codes (SCC) currently valid in EPA's EI system.
2015 DAQ PM Calculator.xls - (revised 12/15/2015) - Simplified version of EPA's PM calculator
Emissions Factors for Condensable Particulate Matter Emissions from Electric Generating Units.pdf
Additional guidance regarding PM-CON emissions.
Filterable and Condensable PM.pdf - (revised 12/30/2013) - PDF of Powerpoint presentation explaining different types of particulate matter.
Resources for estimating emissions:

Emission Inventory Improvement Program (EIIP)

USEPA's AP-42 emission factor website:

Contact Information:

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Matt Kemper
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