Emission Trading Program Guidance

Emission Trading Program General Guidance              

General Guidance 

Emission Monitoring & Quantification                           Protocol General Guidance                 



DAQ's Emission Trading Program Overview                                                            

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ERC Generation per 45CSR28 


ERC Use per 45CSR28 

ERC Use Flowchart

Example Legal Notice: Notice of Intent to Use Emission Reduction Credits 

Example Notice 



45CSR28-7.5.  Emission reductions resulting from a curtailment of operations at a source, process, or process equipment shall be eligible for emission reduction credit generation only if the notice of emission reduction credit generation and certification corresponding to the emission reductions is submitted before the curtailment of operations.




The provided guidance documents have been created to assist participants in completing the required trading notices and application to use a new or alternate qualitification protocol.


For further information regarding the Emission Trading Program, please contact Robert "RA" Mullins at 304-926-0499, ext. 41286.