Emission Trading


The Emission Trading Program, pursuant to 45CSR28, "Air Pollutant Emissions Banking and Trading", began in August 2000 and trades in all criteria pollutants except ozone. This rule provides for a voluntary open-market emission trading program. Sources that produce more cost effective pollution control techniques and over-comply with state and federal air standards can generate Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) and market them to sources with high costs of compliance so they may realize a cheaper compliance option that achieves equivalent or greater overall emission reductions on a statewide basis. While providing incentives to make progress toward the attainment or maintenance of air quality standards, 45CSR28 has provisions that ensure no increase in actual emissions of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and that act as safeguards to protect human health, welfare and the environment.

Notice: A request had been submitted to the U.S. EPA to revise the West Virginia State Implementation Plan (SIP) to include West Virginia Legislative Rule 45CSR28 in 2004. In April 2012, U.S. EPA returned the SIP without acting on it. Due to EPA's action, 45CSR28 is "State-Enforceable Only".

From this page, you will have access to pages of information regarding the Division of Air Quality's Emission Trading Program, pursuant to 45CSR28, "Air Pollutant Emissions Banking and Trading", including general guidance, emission trading forms, instruction, program updates and the emission trading registry.


  • Overview

    This page contains general information regarding DAQ's air emission trading program.

  • Guidance

    This page allows you to dowload instructions for filling out forms for the program as well as access flowcharts related to the program.

  • Forms

    This page contains forms necessary to participate in the program.

  • Registry

    This page contains information regarding companies that are currently participating in the emission trading program.

  • U.S. EPA Clean Air Markets

    This link will take you to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Air Markets page.

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