NSR Application Forms

As of March 16, 2020, The Division of Air Quality requests that All Permit Applications and Permit Determinations be submitted by email to DEPAirQualityPermitting@wv.gov.

Permit Applications should continue to use the appropriate forms and attachments. DAQ is only making changes to allow for electronic submittal (via email) of Permit Applications to facilitate faster submittal of Applications and adapting to telecommute and work from home situations. As we roll this process out, we reserve the right to make changes to improve the process for all involved. Please make sure to check this page for changes before submitting a Permit Application or Permit Determination.

Please review the following tips and  instructions before an application is emailed:

·     Do NOT include Confidential Business Information (CBI) or copies of checks. Please be aware submitted documents are publicly available once received by our office. All confidential information must be submitted in accordance with "Precautionary Notice - Claims of Confidentiality." CBI and checks** must be mailed separately to:

WVDEP – DAQ – Permitting

Attn: NSR Permitting Secretary
601 57th Street, SE

Charleston, WV 25304
**Please wait until DAQ emails you the Facility ID Number and Permit Application Numer. Please add these identifiers to your check or a cover letter with your check. Thank you!

·     The subject line for your email should be headed: [Company Name; Facility Location]

·     If possible, applications should be scanned as ONE PDF file and attached to the email. If all attachments to the email are larger than 25mB, then the email will not be received. Therefore, when scanning the application, please scan with a medium resolution or as a compact PDF. If the application is still larger than 25mB, then separate the application and send each section as a separate email and make a notation in the email subject line of the section number that is attached, i.e. [COMPANY NAME; FACILTY LOCATION] 1 of 2, [COMPANY NAME; FACILTY LOCATION] 2 of 2.

·     Please fill out the email cover letter and include it with the email. A copy of the email templete can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Ernest at 304-926-0499 x41256, or Stephanie Mink at 304-926-0499 x41281.

PLEASE NOTE: General Permits must be submitted vias the ESS system, here:


As of January 2, 2011, pursuant to actions taken by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) became subject to regulation for the purposes of major New Source Review (NSR) permitting.
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 Permit Determinations


Permit determinations are a process whereby a facility may ascertain whether or not a permit to construct, modify or relocate is necessary. Once a permit determination application is filled out and submitted, DAQ engineers will decide within 30 days if further action is required. There are NO FEES connected with this process.

 Permit Determination Form (PDF)


 Revised 5/2010
 PDF Instructions


 Revised 5/2010


45CSR 13 Permit Application Forms

Application for NSR Permits and/or Title V Operating Permit Revision
(Revised application form -- #10 now asks for North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code instead of Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code)

Updated 5/2010

Attachment I - Emission Units Table    

Updated 4/2007

Attachment J - Emission Points Data Summary Sheet    

Updated 10/2019

Attachment K - Fugitive Emissions Data Summary Sheet    

Updated 2/2011

Attachment L - Emissions Unit Data Sheets

Bulk Liquid Transfer EUDS



Updated 4/2007

Chemical Process EUDS



Updated 4/2007

Haul Roads EUDS



Updated 4/2007

Incinerator EUDS



Updated 4/2007

Indirect Heat Exchanger EUDS



Updated 4/2007

Nonmetallic Minerals Processing EUDS



Updated 4/2007

Storage Tanks EUDS



Updated 4/2007

General EUDS



Updated 4/2007

Natural Gas Compressor Station Equipment Forms



Updated 2/2019

Attachment M - Air Pollution Control Device Sheets

Absorption CDS



Updated 4/2007

Adsorption CDS



Updated 4/2007

Afterburner CDS



Updated 4/2007

Baghouse CDS



Updated 4/2007

Condenser CDS



Updated 4/2007

Electrostatic Precipitator CDS



Updated 4/2007

Flare CDS



Updated 4/2007

Mechanical Collector CDS



Updated 4/2007

Other Collectors CDS



Updated 4/2007

Wet Collecting System - Scrubber CDS



Updated 4/2007

 Attachment R - Authority Forms

Authority of Corporation



Updated 4/2007

Authority of Government



Updated 4/2007

Authority of Limited Liability Company



Revised 7/2001

Authority of Limited Partnership



Updated 4/2007

Authority of Partnership



Updated 4/2007

Attachment S - Title V Revision Information

Title V Revision Information



Updated 4/2008

Miscellaneous Information

General Instructions


Updated 12/2016

Small Business Affidavit


Precautionary Notice - Claim of Confidentiality



Example Legal Advertisement



Updated 07/2020

Definitions and Abbreviations



Plot Plan - Guidelines



45CSR13 changes became effective on June 1, 2009.
Click here for a summary of revisions.
Permission to Commence Construction (Effective June 1, 2009)

Permission to Commence Construction (PCC) is to allow construction of any such alteration, expansion, modification or new emissions unit in advance of permit issuance in accordance with 45CSR13 Section 16, for those permittees that hold an active West Virginia air quality permit issued under 45CSR13 at an existing source.  However, the person may not operate any altered, expanded, modified or new emissions unit without first obtaining an air quality permit as required by 45CSR13. 

Before submitting a Permission To Commence Construction Application, the DAQ strongly recommends the applicant contact the NSR Program Manager at 304-926-0499 x41280.







 Permission to Commence Construction Instructions

 Permission to Commence Construction Flowchart



 Permission to Commence Construction Application -- Updated 5/24/2010