Watershed Assessment Branch SOPs

This is the entire document. It is a large PDF file and is broken into sections in the Contents below.


  • Introduction
    • Description: Chapter 1: Introduction to Watershed Assessment Branch sampling activities.
  • Stream Assessment Procedures
    • Description: Chapter 2: Instructions for assessing the stream site (including setting up the site, site documentation, and guidelines for completed the stream assessment forms).
  • TMDL WQ Parameter Suites
    • Description: Water quality parameter suites: take water quality sonde readings at every site.

Data Sheets

  • Benthic ID
    • Description: WV DEP WAB benthic macroinvertebrate lab sheet and supplemental chronomic form.
  • Water Quality
    • Description: General water quality sampling form.
  • TMDL Habitat
    • Description: Total maximum daily load final visit form.
  • Flow
    • Description: Flow measurements form.
  • Pebble Count
    • Description: Relative bed stability (pebble count) form.

Additional Links

  • Watershed Assessment Branch (WAB) Activies
    • Description: Assessment and reporting of our State's stream water quality is performed by the Watershed Assessment Branch of the DEP. Teams of biologists and environmental specialists measure water quality and habitat information on-site; collect waters samples for laboratory analysis; and collect benthic macroinvertebrate and fish from streams and lakes throughout the state.