45CSR30 Title V Permitting


​West Virginia's federal Title V operating permits program is enacted through 45CSR30. Air toxics are addressed, along with other regulated air pollutants, in this rule. Information on 45CSR30 permitting requirements may be found on the Title V (45CSR30) Operating Permits page. Some of the ways in which air toxics are addressed in 45CSR30 include:

  • A source with maximum potential plantwide emissions at or exceeding 10 tons/year of a single HAP or 25 tons/year of combined HAPs is required to obtain an operating permit per 45CSR30.

  • Any source subject to a NSPS or NESHAP standard is required to obtain an operating permit per 45CSR30, unless eligible for a deferral either as stated in the rule itself or in 45CSR30A

Certified Emissions Statement (CES)

All Title V sources are required to submit an annual Certified Emissions Statement (CES). The CES is a report of actual plantwide emissions, including HAP emissions, for a calendar year period. Additional emissions reporting may be required by the DAQ's Emissions Inventory Group