Non-mining UIC Permits

Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program
       The Underground Injection Control (UIC) program is designed to ensure that fluids injected underground will not endanger drinking water sources. The Division of Water and Waste Management regulates non-mining Class 5 injection wells. These wells include agriculture drainage wells, improved sinkholes, industrial disposal wells,stormwater wells and septic systems that have the capacity to serve 20 or more people.  The following state codes address UIC regulations; 47CSR9, 47CSR13 and 47CSR55.  The Division of Mining and Reclamation oversees all mining UIC permits. 
For questions about Industrial UIC and Stormwater UIC permits contact
Don Criss, Geologist

For questions about Sewage UIC permits/ Non-mining UIC permits contact
Connie Anderson (304)926-0499 ext. 43878

UIC Industrial Commercial Septic Application UIC Groundwater Protection Plan (PDF)
UIC Industrial Commercial Permit Application UIC Modification Application Instructions
UIC Stormwater Permit Application UIC Modification Application
UIC Sewage Permit Application UIC Permit Transfer Application
UIC Sewage Permit Renewal Application UIC Class V Annual Report Form
 UIC Statement For Billing (PDF) Grease Trap Inspection Report