State Rules and Other Related Documents

  • Water Resources Protection and Management Act
    • Description: The West Virginia Legislature finds that it is the public policy of the State of West Virginia to protect and conserve the water resources for the state and to provide for the public welfare.
  • Evaluation of Instream Flow Methods
    • Description: West Virginia's Department of Natural Resources and Division of Wildlife Resources evaluated three methods for determining instream flow needs of selected fishes and how they will be affected by alterations in stream hydrology.
  • 60CSR6 - Procedural Rule of Penalty Policy
    • Description: This rule establishes administrative procedures related to survey and registration requirements under the Act and a procedure for assessment of civil administrative penalty for failure to complete the survey or register.
  • 60CSR7 - Intepretive Rule for Confidentiality Policy
    • Description: This rule establishes the requirements for claiming information submitted to the Secretary as confidential and the procedure for determinations of confidentiality in accordance with the providions of W. Va. Code §22-26-4.