State Law and Rule

​​Copies of laws and regulations are distributed by the West Virginia Secretary of State's Office. Use the links below to view copies of the Dam Control Act and Rule.

  • WV Code Chapter 22, Article 14, Dam Control and Safety Act

    The Legislature finds that dams may constitute a potential hazard to people and property; therefore, dams in this state must be properly regulated and controlled to protect the health, safety and welfare of people and property in this state. It is the intent of the Legislature by this article to provide for the regulation and supervision of dams in this state to the extent necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare. The Legislature has ordained this article to fulfill its responsibilities to the people of this state and to protect their lives and private and public property from the danger of a potential or actual dam failure. The Legislature finds and declares that in light of the limited state resources available for the purposes of this article, and in view of the high standards to which the United States natural resources conservation service designs dams, independent state review of the plans and specifications for dams designed by the natural resources conservation service and construction oversight should not be required. The Legislature further finds and declares that dams designed and constructed by the natural resources conservation service but not owned or operated by it should be subject to the same provisions of inspection, after construction and certification by the natural resources conservation service, as other dams covered by this article, so long as any dam under the natural resources conservation service program is designed with standards equal to or exceeding state requirements under this article.

  • 47CSR34 Dam Safety Rule

    This legislative rule establishes requirements relating to the design, placement, construction, enlargement, alteration, removal, abandonment, and repair of dams in this State that fall within the definition set forth in 2.12. This legislative rule also establishes requirements to govern the disbursement and use of moneys held in the State Dam Safety Rehabilitation Revolving Fund. The scope does not extend to those dams that are related to coal activities.