Water and Waste


​​​​The Water and Waste (WW) section within Environmental Enforcement promotes compliance by providing assistance and / or enforcing permit conditions required of municipalities, solid waste facilities, industry and the public. WW continually works to advance to lawful management of solid waste and wastewater.

Water and Waste Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities of the Water and Waste section of Environmental Enforcement include:


WW performs inspections and sampling to determine the compliance status of facilities permitted by the Division of Water and Waste Management (DWWM).


WW utilizes criminal, civil and/or administrative enforcement procedures to compel compliance when necessary.

Citizen Complaints

WW investigates citizen's complaints related to point and non-point water pollution (non-coal), solid waste management, open dumps, groundwater concerns, both industrial and construction stormwater.

To report a tire pile or open dump, please call 1-800-322-5530

Spills and Emergency Response

WW places top priority on response to spills and fish kills. Such incidents are investigated to determine the likely effect and extent of their impact, their source, and the responsible party. These investigations often entail close cooperation with local, state and federal agencies.

Inspector Taking Readings
Inspector Taking Readings
Inspector Taking Notes
Inspector Taking Notes