News and Events

50th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act

WVDEP's videographer Mike Huff created a celebratory video production for the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act. West Virginia's §319 Coordinator and others were interviewed. Watch the video and download the pdf to learn more.


EPA is 50

Explore the collection of environmental successes in EPA Region III . Each month, new stories will be added during the year-long celebration of EPA's 50th Anniversary.

WIB's Events Calendar

WIB's calendar provides updates and information on WIB/partner events, volunteer opportunities, 319 reminders, NPS and related webinars. environmental education, newsletter and more.

AGO Funding Announced

WIB is announcing the 2021 additional grant opportunity (AGO). Submit your proposal by completing the LOI with a budget on/before May 30, 2021. There is approximately $100,000 for funding one-year projects that must address nonpoint source pollution issues. WIB will consider project proposals with budgets that range from $2,000 - $15,000 plus the required 40% match.

NP Management Plan Updates

West Virginia's revised NPS Management Plan (WVMP) was submitted to USEPA in March 2019 and several iterations later, USEPA approved the plan.

§319 Grant Cycle

WIB accepts watershep projects and plans for the §319 grant cycle on/or before May 1 of each year. To be eligible, project proposals must meet program requirements described on our webpages and within the WVMP.

§319 Annual Site Tours

USEPA project officers toured §319-project sites in Greenbrier and New River basins. Projects in Anthony Creek, Indian Creek, Piney Creek and Second Creek were visited. A stop at the National Fish Hatchery wetland project was also included.

Watershed Pilot Project

WIB will provide WPP funding to support watershed group staff through 2021. Full or part time staff is critical to watershed groups success. They improve project management, communication and sustainability.

§319 Federal Guidance Including COVID Updates

USEPA recently revised the §319 guidance. It is the responsibility of the organization recieving grant funding to become familar with the most recent guidance and all federal/state revisions. In 2016/17 USEPA issued a guidance requiring that all mining remediation projects include a contingency plan. All projects constructed in 2017 and beyond must include an approved contingency plan.

Now available on YouTube, presentations and posters from the 2020 virtaul Nonpoint National Conference.