Water and Waste Permitting

Water Permitting

401 Water Quality Certification

Section 401 Water Quality Certification is required for each permit or license issued by a federal agency to ensure that projects will not violate the state's water quality standards or stream designated uses. States are authorized to issue Certification under Section 401 of the Federal Clean Water Act.

NPDES General Permits

General Permits are issued to cover a class of facilities with similar type discharges under one permit. Rather than issuing individual, site specific permits to each facility, permittees are registered for coverage under a General Permit for that activity.

NPDES Individual Permits

The terms and conditions of individual WV/NPDES Permits require the installation, operation and maintenance of appropriate wastewater treatment technology, and protect and enhance the quality of the West Virginia waters.

Septic Tank Seal Registration

Septic Tank Registration Seal Fees are required by any person/company who obtains a small sewage disposal installation permit.

Stormwater General Permits

The Stormwater Permit Team administers all stormwater related General Permits. The Stormwater Team is responsible for administrative and technical review of applications and stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP's) submitted for coverage under stormwater permits.

Stream Disturbances

Permit Guidance

This guide is for informational purposes only and provides a brief overview of the various permits or certifications required before remedial work is conducted in and around West Virginia streams and wetlands.

Underground Injection Control


The Underground Injection Control (UIC) program is designed to ensure that fluids injected underground will not endanger drinking water sources. The Division of Water and Waste Management regulates non-mining Class 5 injection wells. These wells include agriculture drainage wells, improved sinkholes, industrial disposal wells,stormwater wells and septic systems that have the capacity to serve 20 or more people.

Waste Permitting

Solid Waste Permits

The Solid Waste Unit is responsible for ensuring that all appropriate solid waste facilities hold valid permits for the department to install, establish, construct, modify, operate or close said facilities within the State of West Virginia.

Hazardous Waste Permits

The purpose of the Hazardous Waste Permits Unit is to ensure the proper treatment, storage, and/or disposal of hazardous waste. Anyone in West Virginia who is constructing, operating, modifying or closing a hazardous waste treatment, storage, or disposal facility must apply and receive a hazardous waste permit.

News and Updates

Notice of Public Comment Period for Proposed Amendments to 33CSR20

WVDEP is proposing to amend the Hazardous Waste Management Syste, 33CSR20, by adopting the most current hazardous waste regulations. These amendments are necessary to maintain consistency with the federal program and maintain state program approval/primacy of the hazardous waste regulations in the state of West Virginia. A copy of the full Public Notice and Draft amendments can be found below.

A public hearing has been scheduled to take additional comments on the draft rule ammendments for 33CSR20 on July 8, 2019 at 6 PM. The hearing will be held at the Department of Enviornmental Protection Coopers Rock Training and Conferenc eRoom, 601 57th Street SE, Charleston, WV 25304.

  • Public Notice and Draft Amendments

    This rule regulates the generation, treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste to the extent necessary for the protection of the public health and safety of the environment. The rule adopts and incorporates by reference the federal regulations set forth in 40 CFR Parts 260 through 279 that are in effect as of August 21, 2019.

Security Agent Documentation for ePermitting

If you’re a consultant doing business for a client and/or customer, security agent documentation isn’t required. After security agent is established for company, it’s their responsibility to add and assign security rights to others. Please refer to decurity under information within the Electronic Submission System.

DMR Submissioning Date Change

As of April 1, 2018 DWWM will now allow filing of DMRs for general and individual NPDES permits on or before the 25th day of the month following the end of the monitoring period. See the full memo below.

EPA Compliance Advisory for eDMRs

  • Clean Water Agencies Increasing Attention to Significant Non-Compliance Dischargers

    This NCI is intended to ensure that all NPDES permittees—not just industrial contributors—are complying with their permits. NPDES permittees, regardless of facility size or type, will see an increase by EPA and its state and tribal partners in identifying and addressing SNC violations using enforcement and other compliance tools. This NCI aims to cut significant non-compliance in half and to ensure that the most serious SNC violations are timely and appropriately addressed. Increased compliance will improve surface water quality and reduce potential impacts on drinking water.