WPP Reporting

​The purpose of ANY grant report is to describe the activities undertaken and account for the use of grant funds during the reporting period.  Reports must be complete so that the grantee, as well as the funder, can evaluate progress and performance.  Click-Here for a pdf summary.  Note: Montly reports are required; however, the watershed organization may choose to submit more frequest updates such as, weekly or bi-weekly.  
WPP reporting

Narrative: The narrative portion of the report is a summary of all activities that occurred during the reporting period.  Note: This section of the report is the one most commonly shared with other state/federal partners that support the WPP grant.  The narrative should be no more than two-three pages.  Below are examples of what may be included in the narrative section.

*  A description of the activities during the reporting period;

*  Progress made toward the expected outcomes of the grant and any other significant
accomplishments; any setbacks or challenges;

*  Significant board, management, or staff changes;

*  Plans and goals for the upcoming reporting period;

*  A description (include attachments or links (preferred)) of any recent evaluations, publications, news articles, or other materials related to the grant; and

*  An explanation of any significant variances between proposed spending and actual spending in each category.

The remainder of the report should include specific information about the following categories.

1.       General administration and capacity building

2.       Project(s) updates

3.       Other grant(s) updates as they relate to the sustainability efforts of the organization

4.       Fundraising

5.       Outside engagement activities

6.      Hours worked – a simple table showing hours worked during the reporting period. Note: Hours may need more frequent tracking depending upon reimbursement schedule.

7.       Events, including a brief description, during the reporting period

8.       Any updates on key tasks and priorities

Always include your contact information. The report must also include signatures of the principal investigator/editor, and the date of execution.  Your local supervisor must read and sign off on your report before prior to submission.  Its total length, not including photos, brochures, press releases etc. should not be greater than four pages.  The report, which describes the previous month activities, is due on the 4th Thursday of the month. Click-Here for examples.
Financial accountability
Appropriate financial accounting is required when submitting request for funds (reimbursements requests).  You must fully justify what is being requested.  Always complete the appropriate form and follow the instructions carefully.  Request for funds must include (at a minimum) the following:

  • The original amount of the grant, and the current remaining balance;
  • Expenditures for the reporting period using the same expense categories set forth in the proposal budget; and
  • The signature of a financial officer, including date of execution

Request for funds (Reimbursements)


WPP Final Report
A final report is required within 30-days of the end of the performance period.  The final report can be similar in format to the bi-weekly reports but its purpose is to describe what has occurred during the ENTIRE grant, again so that the grantee/f​under can evaluate progress and performance.  The final report should be written based upon the goals and objectives described in your workplan.  It must include financial comparison of what was proposed in your workplans budget vs. what was spent.

Other reporting requirements (i.e. 319/AGOs etc.)
§319 watershed project, AGO reporting and § 319/AGO final reporting requirements are described at the websites below. 

 1.       AGO reporting requirements


2.       §319 watershed project reporting requirements


3.       §319 and AGO final reports


Final thoughts

Your reports should be well-written, accurate and submitted on time. It must follow the recommended content guidelines provided herein. You must write in complete sentences and use correct grammar; use spell-check and proofread the document before submitting it.  Keep in mind that this is public information and can/will be shared at any time, with the citizens of West Virginia