Submitting a Letter of Intent for Your §319 Proposal


This form is for your initial letter of Intent (LOI). The project description should be relatively brief and must summarize the major goals and objectives. A project budget must be submitted with your LOI! Compose an email to the coordinator and attach your budget using the following formats: xls or xlxs, Google-sheets or other compatible spreadsheet file. Reference your project proposal's title within the email message. Note: The budget must include costs breakdowns and justification for all costs (i.e. match/other) not just the §319 request.

See the resources section regarding the use of this portal. It is important that you read and understand the purpose prior to submitting your LOI. If you have questions please email the NPS coordinator. Your organization should become familar with the overall AGO and watershed proposal information provided within the NPS Program's website.

Note: During high-traffic times the LOI portal can experience technical difficulties. If you cannot submit through the portal, download and use the alternate Word document form.


Coordinator Contact Information

Timothy Craddock, NPS Program Coordinator
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
601 57th Street SE
Charleston, WV 25034
Phone: (304) 414-3868