Hazardous Waste

The hazardous waste (HW) section with Environmental Enforcement promotes compliance by providing assistance and/or enforcing regulatory requirements of hazardous waste generators and hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities. HW continually works to advance the safe management of hazardous waste to protect human health and the environment. HW duties and responsibilities include:

  • Inspections: HW performs inspections and sampling to determine the compliance status of facilities that generate and / or handle hazardous waste.
  • Enforcement: HW utilizes administrative, civil and criminal enforcement procedures to compel compliance when necessary.
  • Citizen complaints: HW makes it a priority to investigate and address citizen complaints in a timely manner.
  • Spills / Emergency Response: HW responds to chemical emergencies when necessary and investigates spills to insure proper cleanup and determine the compliance status of the incident.

Report an Emergency

In the event of a spill or emergency, immediately contact 1-800-642-3074


Picture of hazardous waste inspectors Hazardous waste inspector checking barrels