Required Signage

The owner or operator shall ensure that all aboveground storage tank systems are labeled or marked in accordance with the W. Va. Code §§ 22-30-11 (AST Act).

Specific rules governing the labeling and signage of ASTs is promulgated in WV CSR 47-63-5.6.

At a minimum, the following information shall be labeled or otherwise marked on all ASTs, or signs near the ASTs, that have not undergone permanent closure:

  1. The tank registration number, once it has been issued by DEP.  
  1. Each tank is issued a unique number formatted as follows:  000-00000000.  The number is emailed to the owner upon DEP approval of the registration.
  2. The owner or operator’s emergency contact phone number.
  3. The telephone number for the Department of Environmental Protection’s Spill Reporting Hotline, which is 1.800.642.3074.

Tank labels or markings shall be placed at least three feet above ground level, clearly visible and legible from a public roadway, public right-of-way or from outside the containment area.  The requirements for AST signage are:

  1. Letter size shall be at least one and one-half inches (1 ½”).  Larger letter size is permissible in order for the information to be legible at a distance.
  2. High contrast colors must be used.
  3. Signs, if used, must be at least eighteen inches by twenty four inches (18” X 24”).

ASTs that have undergone permanent closure and left onsite shall be labeled, or marked with a sign with the date of closure and the words “Permanently Closed” in the label or sign must comply with requirements of WV CSR 47-63-5.6.b  (as outlined above).