Hydrologic Group B

West Virginia Hydrologic Group B is one of five groups the 32 major watersheds in the state are divided into (Groups A - E).

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Approved TMDLs

Coal River

Document Date Approved Pollutants
U.S. EPA Approved Coal TMDL Report 2006
Clear Fork Appendices
Coal River Appendices
Little Coal River Appendices
Marsh Fork Appendices
Pond Fork Appendices
Spruce Fork Appendices
Fecal Coliform Allocations Spreadsheet
Metals Allocations Spreadsheets
Sediment Allocations Spreadsheets
Dissolved Aluminum Allocations Spreadsheets
Dissolved Aluminum Addendum
EPA Approval Letter
EPA Decision Rationale

Elk River

Technical Report covers both Elk and Lower Kanawha efforts.

Document Date Approved Pollutants
2012 U.S. EPA Approved Elk TMDL Report 2012
Elk Fecal Coliform Allocations Spreadsheets
Elk Metals pH Allocations Spreadsheets
Elk Selenium Spreadsheets
U.S. EPA Approval Letter and Decision Rationale
Technical Report
Appendix A - Workload
Appendix B - SI Summary
Appendix C - TSS / Metals Correlations
Appendix D - Modeled Landuse
Appendix E - Failing Septics
Appendix F - Forest Harvest / Forest Burn
Appendix G - Road Descriptions
Appendix H - NPDES Permits
Appendix J - Water Quality Data
Appendix I - Hydro Calibration and Fecal Calibration
Elk Draft Update Presentation - September 27, 2011 - Elkview Middle School
Elk River TMDL and Tributaries 2001 Al, Fe, Pb
Decision Rationale

Lower Kanawha River

Technical Report and Appendices are shared with Elk River effort. Links above under Elk River.

Document Date Approved Pollutants
1012 U.S. EPA Approved Lower Kanawha TMDL Report 2012
Lower Kanawha Fecal Spreadsheets
Lower Kanawha Metals pH Spreadsheets
U.S. EPA Approval Letter and Decision Rationale
Fecal Allocations Spreadsheet
Metals and pH Allocations Spreadsheet
Lower Kanawha Draft Update Presentation - September 28, 2011 - Winfield High School
Lower Kanawha Approved TMDL Report 2006
Heizer Creek Appendix
Tupper Creek Appendix
Twomile Creek Appendix
Lower Kanawha Fecal Coliform Allocations Spreadsheets
Lower Kanawha Metals Allocations Spreadsheets
Lower Kanawha Sediment Allocations Spreadsheets
Lower Kanawha Dissolved Aluminum Addendum
Lower Kanawha Dissolved Aluminum Final Addendum
Lower Kanawha Decision Rationale
Lower Kanawha EPA Approval Letter
Flat Fork of Pocatalico River 2001 PCBs
Decision Rationale
Kanawha River, Armor Creek and Pocatalico River 2000 Dioxin
Ridenour Lake 1999 Al, Fe, Nutrients, Sediment

North Branch of the Potomac River

Document Date Approved Pollutants
2011 U.S. EPA Approved North Branch of the Potomac TMDL Report 2011 Fecal Coliform
2011 U.S. EPA Approved Fecal Coliform Allocations Spreadsheets
U.S EPA Approval Letter and Decision Rationale
North Branch TMDL Report 2007
Abram Creek Appendix
Elk Run and Deakin Run Appendix
Little Buffalo Creek Appendix
Montgomery Run Appendix
Piney Swamp Run Appendix
Slaughterhouse Run Appendix
North Branch of Potomac EPA Approval Letter
NBP Decision Rationale
North Branch Sediment Allocations Spreadsheets
North Branch Metals Allocations Spreadsheets
North Branch of Potomac Dissolved Aluminum Addendum
Dissolved Aluminum TMDL Allocations
Stony River 2001
Decision Rationale for Stony River

Tygart Valley River

Document Date Approved Pollutants
U.S. EPA Approved Tygart Valley TMDL Report 2016
U.S. EPA Approved Tygart Iron Allocations Spreadsheets
U.S. EPA Approved Tygart Fecal Coliform Allocations Spreadsheets
U.S. EPA Approved Aluminum and pH Allocations Spreadsheets
Appendix A - TMDL Workload
Appendix B - Bank Vegatative Cover
Appendix C - TSS Metals
Appendix D - Modeled Landuse
Appendix E - Failing Septics
Appendix F - NPDES Permits
Appendix G - Forest Harvest Burn
Appendix H - Road Descriptions
Appendix I - Hydro and Water Quality Calibration
Appendix J - Water Quality Data
Appendix K - Stressor Identification
Appendix L - Sediment
Technical Report
U.S. EPA Approval Letter for Tygart TMDLs
Tygart Draft Update Presentation - October 13 and 14, 2015
Tygart Status Update Presentation - May 18 and 19, 2015
Tygart 101 Introduction Meeting - May 9 and 10, 2012
Tygart Valley River and AMD Tributaries 2001 Metals (Al, Fe, Mn), pH
Decision Rationale
Buckhannon River 1998 Metals (Al, Fe, Mn)
Buckhannon River pH pH (Report Only, Not a Part of TMDL)
Ten Mile Creek of Buckhannon River 1998 Al, Fe
Decision Rationale


  • Al - Aluminum
  • Cu - Copper
  • Fe - Iron
  • Pb - Lead
  • AMD - Acide Mine Drainage
  • DO - Dissolved Oxygen
  • Fl - Fluoride
  • Zn - Zinc
  • Amm - Ammonia
  • FC - Fecal Coliform
  • Mn - Manganese
  • Bio - Biological Impairment