Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs)


Aboveground Storage Tank Act and Its Implementation

Senate Bill 373, containing the Aboveground Storage Tank Act §22-30 and the Public Water Supply Protection Act §22-31 was approved by the 2014 Legislature and signed into law by Governor Earl Ray Tomblin on April 1, 2014. The law officially took effect on June 6, 2014. The bill required an inventory and registration of aboveground storage tanks, the submittal of spill prevention response plans and certified inspections of tanks.

On March 14, 2015, the 2015 Legislature passed Senate Bill 423 to amend the Aboveground Storage Tank and Public Water Supply Protection Acts. This amended Act became effective June 12, 2015.

AST Documents

  • WV Code Chapter 22 Article 30: Aboveground Storage Tank Act

    This article may be known and cited as the Aboveground Storage Tank Act.

  • 2021 Aboveground Storage Tank Zone Coverage Update

    The Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) has provided updated mapping information to WVDEP concerning changes in the Zones of Critical Concern (ZCCs), Zones of Peripheral Concern (ZPCs), and Wellhead Protection Areas (WPAs) which includes the conjunctive delineation as defined in​ 64 CSR 3. This information is utilized in the assignment of “levels” to regulated ASTs.

AST Online Registration System



DEP is accepting online AST applications at this time. The registration process includes questions about tank size, contents, construction, age and location. DEP employees are on hand to assist tank owners who are subject to the requirements of the Act.

Quick Links

AST Registration Instructions

  • Registration

    A guide to assist in registering aboveground storage tanks.

  • Modification

    A guide to assist in modifying existing aboveground storage tank registration Information.

  • Fit/Not Fit

    A guide to assist in submitting fit or not-fit for service inspection certifications.

  • Spill Plan Upload

    A guide to assist in submitting aboveground storage tanks spill plans.

  • Tank Release

    A guide to assist in releasing tank ownership. (transfer of ownership)

  • Tank Claim

    A guide to assist in claiming aboveground storage tank as part of a transfer of ownership.

  • HB2811 Exemption

    A guide to assist in applying the HB2811 exemption to aboveground storage tanks. (oil & gas and roadway pretreatment tanks)

  • Tank Contact Assignment

    A guide to assist in assigning tertiary contact information to tanks.

  • Ownership Contact Modification Application Guidance

    A guide to assist in modifying ownership contact infomration for existing aboveground storage tanks.

  • Tank Deregistration​

    A guide to assist in deregistering aboveground storage tanks.

  • NPDES Coal Exception

    A g​uide to assist in applying the NPDES ​exception to aboveground storage tanks.​