Clean Water State Revolving Fund

The Clean Water State Revolving Fund program is a funding program to address water quality problems through wastewater facility construction, upgrades, or expansions. The program is charged with general oversight, fiscal management and administrative compliance review of local governmental entities that receive funds. This section provides information and guidance on what administrative actions are needed to process a loan through the program. When a community has been recommended by the West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council to seek the Clean Water State Revolving Fund program for financial assistance, that community will be contacted by one of the financial managers. A meeting may be scheduled to advise the community leaders about the overall program requirements and specifically what should be completed next to obtain a Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan. There are federal, state and program requirements that must be met prior to scheduling a loan closing.
The Clean Water State Revolving Fund currently has three financial assistance programs available.
    1. Low Interest Loan Program (for construction of municipal wastewater treatment works)
    2. Agriculture Water Quality Loan Program
    3. On-site Systems Loan Program

Low Interest Loan Program
A low interest loan program for construction of municipal wastewater treatment works is available for municipalities and public service districts to build, upgrade, or expand treatment facilities and collection systems. Conventional loans with a repayment period of 20 years are available with an interest rate and annual administrative fee not exceeding 3% for certain communities. Loans with repayment periods from 21 to 40 years are available for disadvantaged communities where financial affordablility is an issue.

Agriculture Water Quality Loan Program
The Agriculture Water Quality Loan Program is a partnership with the West Virginia Conservation Agency (WVCA) developed to address pollution from nonpoint sources using Best Management Practices approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  The Clean Water State Revolving Fund money is loaned to participating banks so they can offer below market rate low interest loans to qualified applicants. For more information, contact your local Conservation District office. Click link for Conservation District offices.

On-site Systems Loan Program
In cooperation with the West Virginia Housing Development Fund (WVHDF) and Safe Housing and Economic Development, Inc. (SHED), a low interest loan program has been established to address on-site sewage disposal problems. Loans up to $10,000 are available to replace malfunctioning septic systems and to install new on-site sewage systems for homes that have direct sewage discharges to ditches and streams. To obtain additional information on this new program, you can contact John Giroir (DEP) at (304) 926-0499 extension 43836, Sheri Nelson (Housing Development Fund) at 1-(304) 391-8600 or Gwen Redd (SHED) at 1-(304) 436-6367.

Financial documents

Engineering  documents

Program documents and publications

5700 Cost Summary Change Order Checklist FY2019 Annual Report
Authorized Resolution Facility Plan Checklist FY2021 Intended Use Plan
Authorized Resolution Alt American Iron and Steel Requirement      
CWSRF Application Memorandum of Negotiation for Change Order         
CWSRF Payment Form Operation and Maintenance Checklist 
CWSRF Prebid Checklist EPA Logo and Seal Specifications
CWSRF loan agreement CWSRF only project sign
CWSRF Postbid Checklist CWSRF IJDC project sign
CWSRF project coordinator sample agreement    
DBE reporting form    
U.S. EPA Preaward Compliance 4700-4    
U.S. EPA MBEWBE 5700_52a    
Title opinion for a city    
Title opinion for a PSD    

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