Submitting a Spill Plan or Spill Plan Certification

WV Code, Chapter 22, Article 30 (the Above Ground Storage Tank Act) became effective on June 6, 2015. The Act requires that each owner or operator of a regulated aboveground storage tank (ASTs) submit a spill prevention and response plan (SPRP). All SPRPs must be submitted on or before December 9, 2015.

How to Access the Spill Plan or Spill Plan Certification Website

You can submit the appropriate spill plan or spill plan certification for your tank(s) by going to WVDEP Electronic Submission System (ESS) website, and uploading the file(s) or completing the certification form. You can access the website here, and will use the same login information you used to complete your AST registration(s).

Once you are logged in to ESS, you will complete the following steps to access a spill plan form, where you will upload your electronic spill plan files or complete a spill plan certification form:  

  • choose "New" from the Process dropdown,
  • choose "Waste Management" from the Office dropdown,
  • choose "Applicant",
  • choose "AST Spill Plan" from the Type dropdown
  • Type in a Reference ID (This should be a descriptive name that helps you remember what form you are completing such as 'Spill Plan - All Tanks' or 'Spill Plan Certification for tanks 1-5')
  • Press the 'Create New' button
  • note: An applicant/owner with multiple tanks may choose to upload the required spill plan information for all tanks under one form, or create multiple forms.

How to Complete a Spill Plan or Spill Plan Certification

You can only submit spill plans and spill plan certifications for tank registrations that have been accepted by WVDEP.  If you have pending or unsubmitted tank registrations, finish them as soon as possible so that you can complete your spill plan and/or spill plan certifications for those tanks.

You can add spill plans and/or spill plan certifications for your tank(s) by clicking the Add button beside the appropriate tank level(s) from the Section List screen. Additional, specific instructions for each tank level are provided in red at the top of each computer screen, as you work through entering your information.  You must Section Complete all sections and hit the Submit Application button in order for WVDEP to receive your spill plan information.


If you have any questions concerning the submission of your spill plan(s), contact Amaris Elliott at WVDEP at 304.926.0499, extension 49740 or

Under very limited circumstances and with good reason, DEP will provide an owner a waiver, and allow a paper submittal of a tank spill plan/spill plan certification. The request for this waiver has to be made by the owner, in writing to WVDEP-DWWM, AST Program-Waiver Request, 601 57th Street, SE, Charleston, WV 25304.