Laboratory Quality Assurance Program

The Quality Assurance Program is responsible for certifying environmental laboratories to ensure that the DEP receives accurate and reliable analytical data.

Laboratories are certified when they follow approved methods, employ well-trained capable staff, and use equipment and instrumentation suited to the work they perform.

West Virginia's laboratory certification is the first such state program within U.S. EPA Region III. This program operates under 47CSR32 - Regulations Governing Environmental Laboratories Certification and Standards of Performance.

Quality Assurance personnel provide laboratory certification services to all divisions of DEP and is open to any U.S. laboratory seeking to provide data to the DEP. In states with reciprocity agreements with West Virginia, laboratories can be granted certification without an on-site inspection by a West Virginia certification officer.

The certification process begins when a laboratory submits application on proper forms provided by the Quality Assurance Program.

Instructions for completing an application to become a certified laboratory
Application for laboratory certification by inspection for the DEP

Certified laboratories
Certified laboratories are grouped into three categories.
1. Commercial - stand alone laboratories testing samples for a fee.
2. Industrial - manufacturing company owned and operated laboratories.
3. Municipal - laboratories associated with publicly owned treatment works operated by cities or public service districts.

Commercial Industrial Municipal
Commercial Labs Offical List Industrial Labs Official List Municipal Labs Official List

West Virginia receives exemption from U.S. EPA's DMR QA study requirements.
With the passage of 47CSR32 the last legislative session, the U.S. EPA will allow West Virginia to be exempt from DMR QA Studies. This exemption was granted because of the state's Laboratory Certification Program.
Review the exemption PDF document here.
Quality Control/Quality Assurance Requirements for the Total Residual Chloride (TRC) by DPD Colorimetric Methodology

Remote Assessment Policy Due to COVID-19

Name Title Phone Address
Justin D. Carpenter Program Manager (304) 926-0495 601 57th Street, S.E.
Charleston, WV 25304
Tommy W. Smith, II Quality Assurance Officer
Kelly R. Kinder Quality Assurance Officer
Vacancy         Quality Assurance Officer                                    

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