Special Studies on Water Quality

Below is a list of Special Studies that have occurred within the Watershed Assessment Branch and often in conjuction with other groups including other DEP personnel, Federal personnel, and often locals.

Muddy Creek Watershed Restoration

Three Fork Creek Watershed Restoration

Dunkard Creek Fish Kill Information

Greenbrier Algae

Selenium Study

  • Selenium Bioaccumulation
    • Date: February, 2009
    • Description: Selenium Bioaccumulation among Select Stream and Lake Fishes in West Virginia

Potomac/Shenandoah Fish Kill and Intersex Study

  • Stream Conditions
    • Date: May, 2006
    • Description: Stream conditions at the time of the fish kill
  • USGS Open-File Report 2006-1393
    • Date: April, 2004
    • Description: A Reconnaissance for Emerging Contaminants in the South Branch Potomac River, Cacapon River, and Williams River Basins, West Virginia, April-October 2004

C-8 Investigation