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EPA's Investigation of Corrosion-Influencing Factors in USTs with Diesel Service
DEP's response Memorandum to UST Owners and/or Operators

The purpose of the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Section is to regulate underground storage tanks that contain petroleum or hazardous substances to determine compliance with state rules and federal regulations. West Virginia has had full program approval from EPA since February 1988.


  • Compliance inspections on active UST facilities such as gas stations, chemical plants, trucking depots, fuel distributors, airports, emergency generator tanks at hospitals.
  • Inspect new underground storage tank installation.
  • Inspect UST closures, repairs and upgrades.
  • Provide information, where possible, to individuals who are buying property with USTs.
  • Issue citations and notice of violations.
  • Prohibit delivery to USTs not meeting certain requirements.
  • Compliance assistance inspections.
  • Citizen questions and complaints.
  • Emergency response to suspected releases from UST.  

For a list of Underground Storage Tank staff contacts, please click here.

For information about the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program (LUST), please click here. 

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