Corrective Action Guidance Document


The “West Virginia Corrective Action Guidance Document” (CAGD) is applicable to regulated Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) as defined by W. Va. Code §22-30 and Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) subject to regulation by W. Va. Code §22-17 and 40 CFR 280. General checklist forms and analytical data sheets have been provided as appendices to the CAGD. These forms and data sheets shall be utilized when submitting reports to the Agency. A description of the forms and checklists are provided in the appendices with the forms. Updates and additional forms will be added to the website as they are developed.

The Agency has developed a new action level for soils at LAST and LUST sites that considers the depth of the contamination at a site and can consider the use of the property (residential or nonresidential) if certain conditions are met. The action levels incorporate a three-tiered approach which offers flexibility to the regulated community, while remaining protective of human health and the environment. Many LAST and LUST sites are petroleum contaminated sites; therefore, special emphasis was placed on development of soil action levels related to petroleum contamination utilizing current scientific information.


Corrective Action Guidance Document Appendicies

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