Quality Assurance Program Plan


This Quality Assurance Program Plan (QAPrP) is intended for use by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WV DEP), Division of Water and Waste Management (DWWM), Office of Environmental Enforcement (EE), Hazardous Waste (HW) Program. The relevant statute for this Program is the WV State Code Chapter 22 Article 18 (WVSC §22-18), the Hazardous Waste Management Act and WV Code of State Rules Title 33 Article 20 (33 CSR 20), the Hazardous Waste Management Rule promulgated to enforce this Act. Federal hazardous waste regulations are incorporated by reference into the WV Hazardous Waste Management System. The primary beneficiaries of this plan will be the Hazardous Waste inspection staff. The QAPrP will be reviewed and updated, at a minimum, once every five (5) years minimum.


This QAPrP is intended as a Program-specific supplement to the WVDEP Quality Management Plan (QMP) 2021 revision. As such, this QAPrP encompasses the activities of EE/HW as a whole, and is applicable to individual activities and projects including inspection, sampling, emergency response, enforcement actions, remediation oversight and data entry. When the need for a Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) for a project is determined, a brief site-specific SAP will be generated in accordance with this QAPrP. Sampling is generally biased, and factors determining the need for a SAP may vary, and include scope, scale and complexity of the project. United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Region 9 QAPP guidance was used in the development of this plan, including Project Plan Elements for Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) designs.

Hazardous Waste Program

The Hazardous Waste Program governs regulatory requirements intended to ensure proper cradle-to-grave management of hazardous waste.

Activities performed by EE/HW personnel include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Compliance Evaluation Inspections of regulated Hazardous Waste facilities.

  • Groundwater Monitoring Evaluations and Operation & Maintenance Inspections at Hazardous Waste facilities holding RCRA Subtitle C Permits.

  • Complaint Investigations of potential RCRA Hazardous Waste violations.

  • Sampling of known and suspected hazardous wastes.

  • Regulatory review of RCRA Permits and Plans of Corrective Action.

  • Emergency Response activities involving release or potential release of hazardous materials or hazardous waste.

  • Administrative, civil and criminal enforcement actions for non-compliance with Hazardous Waste regulations.

The Hazardous Waste Program is designed as a regulatory program for ensuring regulated facilities are in compliance with applicable RCRA Subtitle C standards.

Hazardous Waste Stakeholders

EE/HW maintains a direct relationship with various primary and secondary Hazardous Waste stakeholders, such as, but not limited to:

  • Citizens of West Virginia

  • Hazardous Waste management facility owners and operators

  • US EPA and other Federal Regulatory Agencies

  • State, County, and Municipal agencies

  • Emergency Response agencies

  • Trade Organizations, Environmental Groups, and Consultants​