Watershed Improvement Branch

Watershed Improvement Branch
The mission of WVDEP’s Watershed Improvement Branch (WIB) is to inspire and empower people to value and work for clean water.  WIB administers programs that educate, provide assistance, plan and implement water quality protection, improvement and restoration projects.  Through the programs listed below, assistance is provided on:

NPS     Nonpoint Source Program: §319 funding supports nonpoint education/outreach, training, and technical assistance for watershed planning and project implementation.
SOS Save Our Streams Program: Provides watershed education, project and technical assistance, and volunteer monitoring hands-on training and certification.
SPP Stream Partners Program: Provides grants to support efforts of local watershed volunteers.
CB Chesapeake Bay Program: Provides funding and technical assistance for WV's watershed implementation plan (WIP), urban stormwater, argricultural projects and more.
WET Water Education for Teachers: An interdisciplinary water education program.
ILF In Lieu Fee Stream and Wetland Mitigation: Provides stream and wetland restoration and protection as part of compensatory mitigation.
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WIB programs are delivered through regional Basin Coordinators, individual Program Coordinators, supporting staff and Program Managers. Click-Here to download an overview of WIB.

SOS Non-Point Chesapeake Bay Stream Partners In-Lieu Fee WET