Episodic Generation Regulatory Requirements


An episodic event, as defined in 40 CFR section 262.231 of the generator regulations, is an activity that does not normally occur during a generator’s operations and that causes that generator to exceed the threshold for its normal generator category for that month. Both very small quantity generators and small quantity generators can experience episodic events. Episodic events can be planned or unplanned. A clean out of a tank or of a laboratory, a short-term maintenance project, or a removal of excess inventory would be considered planned episodic events. There can also be unplanned events such as a spill caused by a storm, damaged equipment, or a product recall. An episodic event cannot last more than 60 days beginning on the first day episodic hazardous waste is generated and concluding on the day the hazardous waste is removed from the generator’s site. Increased production of hazardous waste due to an increased rate of production is not an episodic event.

State Requirements

West Virginia Requires 30 days written notice for Planned Episodic Generation and 72 hours notice (phone, fax, or email) for Unplanned Episodic Generation after the start of the event.


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