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Project WET is an  international, interdisciplinary water science and education program for educators of all sorts - public and private school teachers, water resource professionals, youth club leaders and many others.  Project WET workshops are FREE and conducted throughout the state. 

Project WET curriculum was developed through collaboration of teachers, scientists and resource professionals.  Project WET correlates with state and national standards of learning, and strongly supports STEM principles.  Project WET believes that educators hold the key to empowering people to effect sustainable, positive change at the local level, for the benefit of all water users.
Supported by WVDEP's Watershed Improvement Branch, the Project WET Program addresses atmospheric water, surface water, groundwater, cultural and historic uses of water, and contemporary management issues such as stormwater and nonpoint source pollution issues. 

Project WET makes water education fun, and helps educators meet their objectives in an innovative way.  The activities are designed to complement existing curricula rather than displace or add additional concepts in the classroom.  Project WET activities are interdisciplinary, hands-on, and engaging to make water education fun for students and teachers

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  Project WET offers workshops based on the following educational guides:

West Virginia Project WET workshops are free.

Project WET staff will work with formal and nonformal educators in public and private schools and universities, preschool or day care workers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and 4-H leaders, cities, local resource organizations, or individuals to plan and conduct a workshop when and where is most convenient for you.

Contact Information:

Tomi Bergstrom
Project WET Program Coordinator
Western Basin Coordinator
Watershed Improvement Branch
601 57th St. SE Charleston, WV 25304
(304) 926-0499 x 1098


 How Does Water Education Impact the World?